Order now – some Tesco Clubcard redemptions still available at 4x face value despite being on the devaluation list

According to Tesco these are the Clubcard redemption partners affected by the changes to the Clubcard scheme which were launched this week. However, it looks like not all pages of the Clubcard site have been updated yet.  There are still a large number of redemption partners […]

The 57 (!) partners leaving Clubcard that Tesco didn’t tell you about ….

And we’ve got more bad news regarding the Tesco Clubcard changes ….. On Monday Tesco sent an email to some of its members informing them about changes that it had already made to Clubcard redemptions. Without any notice all Clubcard redemptions were changed to 3 […]

Changes to the value of Clubcard vouchers – and Tesco didn’t give any notice

If you receive emails from Tesco you will have opened an email bearing bad news on Monday. And if you don’t get emails from Tesco, because you didn’t opt in, I’m not sure when you were meant to here about this. Without notice, Tesco has […]

(Possibly targetted) 1,000 bonus Nectar points at BP

I just had a look at my Nectar offers and saw a generous bonus Nectar points offer with BP. Unfortunately it looks like it’s targetted, but it’s worth checking your Nectar offers whether you’ve got it. Until 30th January you can get 1,000 bonus Nectar […]

Should you convert Tesco Clubcard points into Kensington Palace tickets?

Is it worth converting your Tesco Clubcard points into Kensington Palace tickets? And how do you do it? Today I want to look at whether this is a good use of your Clubcard points. Not all Clubcard Boost offers are a great deal. This page […]

5000 Clubcard points (targetted) on the £150 Tesco Premium Credit Card – worth it?

We don’t really discuss credit cards on Shopper Points and leave this to our sister site Head for Points.  However every now and then is an offer on loyalty credit cards with generous sign up bonuses of Clubcard or Nectar points and it’s worth taking […]

Offer extended – Up to 10,000 Nectar points with the Sainsbury’s Bank credit card

We mentioned a bonus Nectar points offer with the Sainsbury’s MasterCard a while ago which was to expire at the end of December. This offer has now been extende until 25th March, however the spending threshold has gone up from £35 to £40. Sainsbury’s Bank […]

Nectar Competition – Win 250,000 Nectar points

Nectar is currently running a 5 week long competition with weekly prize draws. Until 9th February there will be one winner per week winning 250,000 Nectar points or getaways with one of Nectar’s travel partners. How to win: Each week Nectar releases a video showing […]

Offer extended – 1 extra Clubcard point per £4 when using Pay + until the end of February

You can still get extra Clubcard points when using Pay + (formerly PayQwiq) and the offer has now been extended. Pay +, if you haven’t heard about it, used to be PayQwiq, but was changed to Pay + (say Pay Plus) a while ago – […]