It’s the 1st of the month – get your 25 free Clubcard points with Tesco Views!

As today is 1st March – the start of a new month – I thought it worth a reminder about an easy way to earn a handful of Clubcard points every month with Tesco Views.

Tesco Views is the offspring of Tesco Comments, a scheme which was trialled early in 2013.  You may have seen the little cards sitting by the checkout desks in your local store.

The aim of Tesco Views is to get feedback on your shopping experience.

Tesco old store

Once every calendar month, you can visit the Tesco Views website.

You will need a recent till receipt to hand because you will need to input the four digit store reference code.  If you don’t have the receipt, the code also appears on credit or debit card statements next to the store name.

Answer a few quick questions about how long you had to queue and whether you could buy everything you wanted, and you’re done.  25 free Clubcard points will be added to your account.

Make a diary note to repeat at the start of each month!  One lucky Tesco Views entrant each month will also win a £1,000 Tesco gift card.  Why not give it a try now?

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  1. Andrew H says:

    A word of advice about these. The points take 21 days to appear in your account. I check my account after 21 days and sometimes they’re not there – so remember to check later in the month!

    If you don’t have them, contact @TescoOffersMore on Twitter. They’ll ask you for a pic of the receipt but you will get the points. They’ve always resolved it for me.

  2. I used to do this, but the points only appeared around 80% of the time. I was tired of chasing them nearly every month and gave up in the end. I am convinced Tesco do not credit the points deliberately.

  3. Yep have to agree. Stopped doing them as they didn’t credit the points. and way to much hassle phoning up & asking them to credit me the points

  4. Same here, I done this for four months, every month and after six months checked back and only one credited. Cant be bothered to keep chasing them for points they should credit automatically.

  5. Johnnycl says:

    I have found that they post in batches and credited back to 2/3 months at a time. Last quarter I even had an extra 25 points post so I had 4 lots across 3 months.

  6. Slightly off-topic. I’ve stopped getting any tesco vouchers for various deals (extra points if I spend X much, or extra points if I buy product Y, or however £ much off if I buy product Z). I still get my cash value vouchers in the post, but all the other ones, including codes via email, have dried up. Did I miss something?

    • Other people have mentioned this too …. don’t think there is any logic to it.

    • Same here – I assumed it’s because they realised I only ever went shopping for the items that were discounted via the vouchers, so they were losing out on me by me not buying more profitable items whilst I was shopping ! A shame, because they used to offer me discounts on what I actually buy, as opposed to sainsbury’s who give me discounts on stuff I would never buy in a million years!

  7. I’ve had the same problems with them not crediting me with the points and for the last couple of quarters I haven’t received any vouchers either. I thought it was just me but it’s clearly deliberate Tesco policy if it’s happening to so many of us. This quarter I haven’t even received a statement yet, even though points were transferred across to my BA Executive Club account weeks ago now.

    I’m not going to bother doing the monthly feedback any more now either, as it’s just not worth the hassle of always having to ring to chase up just 25 points.

  8. E, Millar says:

    cannot get 25 points as they keep telling me I am time out really annoying, Wouls loive to partake .

  9. mr m ward says:

    Tried the new Café at tower park poole ,so far so good.just what this area needed. giraffe was unsuitable for this location. staff very helpful -fish very wellcooked but hated the old fashioned batt er.