Should you convert Tesco Clubcard points into Alton Towers theme park tickets?

Is it worth converting your Tesco Clubcard points into Alton Towers theme park tickets?  And how do you do it?   There is no doubt that it is a great place to visit, but today I want to look at whether Alton Towers in Staffordshire is a good use of your Clubcard vouchers.

Not all Clubcard Boost offers are a great deal.  This page of Shopper Points helps you decide which is the best Clubcard redemption by listing ALL Clubcard Boost offers based on the multiple of face value you get.

As you can see, offers range from 4 x face value (days out vouchers, restaurant deals) down to 2 x.  Even at double the face value, of course, you are getting a better deal than redeeming your vouchers in a Tesco store at face value.

Spending Clubcard vouchers on Alton Towers tickets

You can convert your Clubcard vouchers into Alton Towers tickets on this page of the Tesco website.

You will need £13 of Clubcard points for a ticket for either an adult or a child (children under 3 are free).  Your ticket is emailed to you directly to print at home.

The ticket is valid for six months from the day you redeem.

redeem Clubcard points at Alton Towers

Is Alton Towers a good way to spend your Clubcard points?

On the face of it, Yes.

An Alton Towers ticket on the door is now a shocking £51.60!  If you book online 1-5 days in advance that comes down to £43.86.

(However, booking in advance for cash commits you to a particular day whatever the weather.  A Clubcard ticket is flexible as long as you use it within six months.)

On that basis, you are getting (£51.60 / £13 of Tesco vouchers) 4.0 x face value.  This is not bad.

However, there are often many special offers available on Alton Towers tickets.

Some brands of Kellogg’s cereal, for example, currently have a ‘buy a child ticket and get a free adult ticket’ coupon printed on them.  Alton Towers is included.  This would halve your entry cost for paying cash if 2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 1 child go.

Your Clubcard vouchers are not as good a deal if you can get one of these vouchers – you would be getting 2.0 x face value if you redeemed for Alton Towers tickets.  This still isn’t too bad but you should also consider redeeming for one of the other high value Clubcard point redemptions on our list.

How do I book my Alton Towers tickets via Clubcard?

You can find out more about using Tesco Clubcard points for Alton Towers tickets, and redeem your Clubcard vouchers, on this page of the Tesco site.

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  1. for £50 Clubcard tokens (just £37 more) you can get a Merlin annual pass. These are – if you use them enough obviously! – remarkable value. Unlimited access to Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Chessington, Legoland, London Eye, Sealife Centres, Madame Tussauds, etc. We had these for a year and had some amazing family holidays. To be sure, it will take us £200 in Clubcard tokens for our family of four, but I’m saving up now as – if you can plan it well for a year, you can use them again and again. Amazing deal

    • Keith Jenner says:

      I agree, Merlin passes are fantastic value if you use them a reasonable amount, but I’m not convinced about the benefits of buying them via Clubcard.

      We’ve had Premium Merlin passes for the past few years (they are the slightly more expensive ones as they include parking and a few other small perks). We renew each year in January when the same is on, and the cost this year was £327 for a family of 3 (less £28.61 on topcashback as be bought them through Sealife). Comparing that to the £150 of clubcard points that it would have cost us, it is just an OK redemption, especially as we would have to pay for parking on top of that. I’m not sure how much it was for a family of four during the sale, but it may be worth looking at for when you renew.

      • thanks that’s really helpful

        I think, for us, one of the realities of the points life is that it allows us purchases that we otherwise couldn’t afford. So yea it’s probably not the highest redemption ratio but it certainly enables us to have lots of family fun when we normally wouldn’t have the ~£400 sitting around. Will check it out tho. Thanks.

  2. At some Merlin attractions, you can use the faster entry queues with Clubcard tickets but can’t with the Kellogg’s vouchers. There’s some value to be put on that time saving, especially when you’ve got over-excited kids with you.

  3. The £2.50 offer they are also running seems a better option.

  4. OT: Looks like there may be 20% off itunes and a few other giftcards instore and online again.

    • Genghis says:

      Good call.

      I noticed Pizza Express were there. Note that Amex are still running their Pizza Express offer (spend £50, receive £20 statement credit). It works on gift card purchases made in store (i.e. buy a £50 gift card in store and effectively pay £30). Either add the offer to your Amex if it appears in your account or if a non-directly issued Amex (i.e. issued by MBNA or Lloyds), sign up at to save it to your card.

      I shall be going to Pizza Express for dinner tonight. My £12 pizza becomes £6 with the standard 50% off food voucher but only £3.60 with the pizza express gift card offer.

      • Sorry being a bit dim here, so you are saying if i buy a £50 pizza express voucher in tescos using my amex i’ll get a £20 credit?

        • No. By store I mean Pizza Express store / restaurant – apologies.

          If you activate the offer on your Amex and then go to a Pizza Express restaurant to buy the £50 gift card, you’ll get a £20 statement credit (total cost £30).

          This 40% discount is better than the 20% off at Tesco and the 150 clubcard points (estimated cash value around £3).

          I bought another £50 gift card last night.

          Note that if you have multiple Amex cards, you can activate the offer on each card and then get the offer multiple times.