Should you convert Tesco Clubcard points into Blackpool Pleasure Beach tickets?

Is it worth converting your Tesco Clubcard points into Blackpool Pleasure Beach tickets? And how do you do it?  Today I want to look at whether Blackpool Pleasure Beach tickets are a good use of your Clubcard vouchers.

Not all Clubcard Boost offers are a great deal. This page of Shopper Points helps you decide which is the best Clubcard redemption by listing ALL Clubcard Boost offers based on the multiple of face value you get.

As you can see, offers range from 4 x face value (days out vouchers, restaurant deals) down to 2 x. Even at double the face value, of course, you are getting a better deal than redeeming your vouchers in a Tesco store at face value.

Spending Clubcard vouchers on Blackpool Pleasure Beach tickets

You can convert your Clubcard vouchers into Blackpool Pleasure Beach tickets on this page of the Tesco website.

You will need £9.50 of Clubcard points for a wristband token which will be exchanged for a Full Park wristband for either an adult or a child. Under 2’s get a free Pleasure Beach Pass which gives them access to the Chinese Puzzle Maze, the Pleasure Beach Express, Bradley & Bella’s Learning Garden and the Spectacular Dancing Water Show. The Pleasure Beach Pass can also be purchased for £6 for those who doesn’t want to go on any of the rides

The token codes which will be emailed to you directly need to be exchanged for an online ticket at least 24h prior to your visit.

The token codes are valid for six months from the day you redeem.

blackpool pleasure beach tesco clubcard points redemption voucher

Is Blackpool Pleasure Beach a good way to spend your Clubcard points?


A Blackpool Pleasure Beach ticket for one adult on the door costs £30. If you book online in advance that comes down to £21.

On that basis, you are getting (£21 / £9.50 of Tesco vouchers) 2.2 x face value. This is not bad.

If you book 10 days in advance, an off peak day ticket costs £17 and a peak day ticket costs £19.  This is still around 2 x the face value of your Tesco Clubcard vouchers, and with Clubcard you don’t need to commit to booking so far in advance.

Seaching online I found deals for £15 tickets out of season, but that is still £5.50 more than with Tesco Clubcard vouchers – albeit 1.5 x face value is hardly a great value Clubcard redemption.  You won’t get this deal during the Summer though.

How do I book my Blackpool Pleasure Beach tickets via Clubcard?

You can find out more about using Tesco Clubcard points for Blackpool Pleasure Beach tickets, and redeem your Clubcard vouchers on this page of the Tesco website.

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  1. Will Squires says:

    “The wristband entitles you to entrance to the park and unlimited rides. If you want more from your visit, you can buy a Pleasure Beach Pass online or on arrival for £6 which will give you access to the Chinese Puzzle Maze, the Pleasure Beach Express, Bradley & Bella’s Learning Garden and the Spectacular Dancing Water Show.”

    That wouldn’t get you more at all – every Wristband comes with a Pass. The Pass is a legacy of the old system where you could enter the park for free and then either pay per ride or get a wristband. You can’t get in to the park for free any more, but if you’re not riding then you can still enter for a flat fee of £6.