Earn 5 x Nectar points when you donate your used goods to Oxfam

Until we moved two years ago, we had an Oxfam shop at the top of our road (photo below).  We often used to drop off second hand items there, especially as our children grew.

Oxfam has an excellent scheme called ‘tag your bag’ which uses Gift Aid to increase the amount of money received from your donation.  Even better, if you are a higher rate taxpayer you receive a little present from the tax man too!

You can sign up online or in your nearest store.  You need to fill in a form with your name and address and tick a box to confirm that you are a UK taxpayer.  You agree that Oxfam will sell your products on your behalf and that you will donate the money back to Oxfam.  This means, technically, you are making a cash donation to the charity.

As it is a cash donation, Oxfam can reclaim an additional 25% of Gift Aid on top of your donation.  If your products sell for £30, the Government gives Oxfam an additional £7.50.

Every six months you receive an email from Oxfam telling you how much they made from your items.  If you are a higher rate taxpayer, you can include this amount – £30 in my example – as a charity donation on your tax return.  You will then receive an additional tax rebate of £7.50 for yourself.  Everyone wins!

To encourage more people to use ‘tag your bag’, Oxfam has teamed up with Nectar.

Tag Your Bag Oxfam

You will receive 100 Nectar points purely for signing up.

(If you are already signed up for ‘tag your bag’, you can add your Nectar number here and also receive the 100 points.)

Going forward, you will receive 2 Nectar points for every £1 that Oxfam raises from the sale of your goods.

Until 25th May, Oxfam and Nectar are running a very special deal.  You will receive 10 Nectar points for every £1 that Oxfam raises.  Your goods must be sold before 25th May, not just dropped off, so don’t leave it until the last minute.

Full details can be found on this page of the Nectar website (log-in may be required).

The only issue with the scheme is whether you should take part at all.  Oxfam is buying the points from Nectar which obviously leaves it with less money for its charitable work.

On the other hand, Oxfam clearly believes that the Nectar partnership generates awareness and interest in ‘tag your bag’ which increases the income it gets from donations.  It may even believe – in a very competitive charity market – that it encourage people to donate goods to Oxfam rather than other charity shops.  It is a decision you need to take for yourself.

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  1. Drolma-la says:

    It might be an excellent scheme if it worked. When Oxfam first launched Tag Your Bag a couple of years ago I attempted to sign up. It was not easy. They never sent the tags. Eventually I donated some very good stuff. The good stuff I donated vanished without a trace. No Nectar points. No-one talk to on the phone about the scheme. No website support for it. I find it more satisfying to be registered with the British Heart Foundation, who send me a letter telling me how much money they’ve raised from the stuff I’ve donated. This enables them to get better value for the goods they sell because BHF can track it as a Gift Aid donation.

    • 1nfrequent says:

      I agree with this. I’ve had issues getting replacement tags (I now contact the charity direct if the tags don’t come up, quoting my tag number and I normally get replacement tags within a week). I’ve also found the crediting of Nectar card points to be haphazard – I’m friendly with the people who volunteer in my local store so I generally know which of my donations have been sold but the Nectar awards don’t correspond with the value of the sale or the frequency.

      I still do it because – like I said – I’m friendly with the people in my local Oxfam and I know it’s a going to support good work.

      • I agree – I have donated loads of bags at different shops / hardly ever any points come through yet get emails saying how much my donations have raised???