LAST WEEK to redeem Clubcard vouchers for Safestore

A year ago Rob wrote about Safestore being his favourite Tesco redemption and we’ve heard from lots of people who agree with him.

You can pay your whole Safestore bill with Tesco Clubcard vouchers and thereby receive 300% of their face value. This is a great way to get money off that storage bill.

(The page to exchange your Clubcard points for Safestore tokens is here.)

However, this redemption is coming to an end.


The last day to order tokens is Tuesday 25th April 2017 and tokens must be redeemed by 25th October.

Whilst most people pay monthly or quarterly, Safestore is happy to bill you for a year in advance.  This is the best way to pre-pay via Clubcard for as long as possible.  I know that Rob intends to order a pile of vouchers this week to keep his Safestore unit paid until late 2018.

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  1. Or just get rid of that stuff you think you will need one day but actually never will :)

    • Peter K says:

      Yeah. This weekend we got rid of (tip and charity shop) 5 bin bags of things we no longer needed/used!

      • I have been clearing out cupboards over the last 2 years and selling all sorts of stuff on eBay – now made of over £4K profit which has gone in to my holiday pot towards taxes and surcharges.

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