Boots Pharmacy Advantage Club is closing

Boots Pharmacy Advantage Club was a nice little way of earning a few more Advantage Club points. We wrote about it last May and I hope that many did sign up back then, as the Pharmacy Advantage Club is now no longer open for new […]

Get 100 Clubcard points when you register for Tesco’s Baby Club!

One for the mums and dads out there: You can get 100 free Tesco Clubcard points when signing up for Tesco’s Baby Club. Tesco’s Baby Club has been running the same promotion several times in the past to encourage parents to sign up. This time […]

£10 worth of points with two Clarins products at Boots

Boots has launched another bonus points offer. Until 16th May you can earn 1,000 Advantage Card points (worth £10) when purchasing two beauty products by Clarins. As the value of 1 Advantage point is always 1p, there aren’t many ways to maximise your points. This […]

How to get special deals with the Amazon Treasure Truck

Two days ago I was on my way back to the office after having bought some lunch and saw two men walking around with ‘Amazon Treasure Truck’ bags. I had no clue what this meant, but was intrigued so jumped onto Google to learn about […]

Should you convert Tesco Clubcard points into London Zoo tickets?

Is it worth converting your Tesco Clubcard points into ZSL London Zoo tickets? And how do you do it? Today I want to look at whether this is a good use of your Clubcard points. Not all Clubcard Boost offers are a great deal. This […]

96 hour Travel Money Rate Sale at Sainsbury’s Bank

Summer is around the corner and so are the Summer holidays! If you’re travelling outside the UK, it may be worth having a look at the Sainsbury’s Bank Travel Money Rate Sale.   For 96 hours only (of which 24 hours have already gone!) you […]

Save £5 on short haul British Airways flights using £2.08 of Clubcard vouchers

We don’t normally talk about air miles on Shopper Points – we leave that to our sister site Head for Points. It is a complicated topic and you can easily waste your Clubcard vouchers if you convert them to British Airways or Virgin Atlantic miles […]

Get 5000 Clubcard points for getting the £150 Tesco Premium Credit Card – worth it?

We don’t really discuss credit cards on Shopper Points and leave this to our sister travel loyalty site Head for Points.  However every now and then is an offer on loyalty credit cards with generous sign up bonuses of Clubcard or Nectar points and we […]

£5 off every £500 when you buy foreign currency at Tesco

Tesco Bank is currently offering money off foreign currencies. Until 17th April everyone will get £5 off every £500 exchanged at Tesco Travel Money bureaus. Unfortunately this will not earn any Tesco Clubcard points. Even with a £5 discount, Tesco Bank will probably not be […]