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Another E.ON bulk gas and electricity switch launches – low prices and 1,500 Clubcard points

Back in September, I wrote about a ‘collective switch’ arranged by and gas and electricity group.  This involved an especially low price tariff to be offered along with 1,500 Clubcard points to be earned over the course of a year.

A new collective switch is now available.  First, though, it is worth a reminder about how the E.ON and Tesco arrangement works.

E.ON and Clubcard

E.ON is the best way to earn Tesco Clubcard points from your gas or electricity supply.

The reason it is not better known is that it is not a direct Clubcard partner.  Instead, E.ON runs its own loyalty scheme – E.ON Rewards.  The points that accumulate here can be transferred to Clubcard or they can be used for shopping vouchers.

The other reason you may not have heard about it is that you need to opt in to receive your points.  If you don’t bother to opt in, you don’t receive any points and E.ON saves some money ….


You can see how it works on the E.ON website here :

If you take dual fuel from E.ON you receive a fixed 1,500 Clubcard points per year

Not all E.ON tariffs are eligible

Points accrue daily and are posted monthly – you do not need to stay for the full year to receive them

You can either convert to Clubcard at 1:1, with no minimum, or redeem 500 for a  £5 Bonusbond high street shopping voucher.  I honestly cannot see the logic in doing the latter as it is less flexible than Tesco (requires a higher minimum transfer) and there is no upside via a Tesco Boost deal.

Despite all this, gas and electricity bills are not low.  You should not, under any circumstances, be switching to E.ON unless they are already the cheapest supplier for you.  It is very unlikely that the Clubcard points would make much of a difference otherwise.

The new collective switch

The latest ‘bulk switch’ has been organised by price comparison site uswitch – you can see the details here.

You need to do a power price search in order to see the tariff.  If you are lucky, the E.ON deal should come out on top in the list of cheapest deals based on where you live and your gas and electricity usage.  The only way to apply for the deal is via the uswitch site.

It is a 12-month fixed price tariff.  You can leave at any point by paying a £30 per fuel exit fee.

This is a qualifying tariff for earning Clubcard points.  If you choose to convert E.ON Rewards points to Clubcard, you would receive 1,500 points over the next year, credited monthly to your E.ON account.

You must apply by midnight on 3rd November.

And cashback too!

You can receive £28 cashback on this tariff if you click through to the uswitch site via their link on TopCashback.  This will be paid into your TopCashback account in a few weeks and can be withdrawn into your bank account.

If you are not already a TopCashback member, here is our refer-a-friend link – you will receive a £5 Amazon gift certificate when you join TCB via a referral before 9th November.  You will not receive the £5 Amazon voucher if you join TopCashback directly via their website – you must be referred by someone.

Taken together, you will receive a keenly priced electricity and gas deal, 1500 Clubcard points via E.ON Rewards, £28 cashback via TopCashback and – for new TopCashback members – a £5 Amazon gift vouchers.  This is well worth a close look.

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