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Spend £79 on a printer and get 3,500 Clubcard points – the best deal for a long time

Sometimes, just sometimes, Tesco will launch a deal which is a no-brainer, something that you should jump on because the maths is so clearly on your side.  This is potentially one of those deals.

Today and tomorrow, Tesco Direct is selling the Epson XP322 all-in-one colour inkjet printer and scanner with 3,500 extra Clubcard points.

It costs £79.  Postage is free if you pick it up from your nearest store, otherwise you will pay £3 for home delivery.


Epson 350

This is why I am excited about this deal.

There are many ways of getting 3 x face value for your Clubcard vouchers, via Boost deals with merchants such as Safestore, Goldsmiths, Pizza Express etc.

If you know that you will get 3 x face value with confidence, you are paying £79 for £105 (£35 x 3) of Clubcard vouchers – and you get a free printer!

In reality, it could be a lot better.

You should be able to sell this printer on eBay for around £30 after postage, Paypal and eBay fees.  Don’t unbox it if you choose to do this – just collect it, relable it and take it down to the Post Office.

If you did that, your entry cost is down to £49 for your £105 of Boost deals.

This offer is also available in-store as a Shopper Points reader spotted, sending me a photo!  There are apparently two other printers in-store which have bonus points even if Tesco Direct does not have them.  You are looking out for a Canon printer at £80 with 3,500 points and a different Epson printer for £99 with 5,000 points.

You are not allowed to ‘bulk buy’ products from Tesco to earn Clubcard points.  If you order more than one XP322 per Clubcard account, do not be surprised if the points for the 2nd one are removed at a later date.  The other thing to bear in mind is that we are only one week into the new Clubcard collection quarter – you won’t receive the vouchers for this purchase until next February.

The link to buy at Tesco Direct is here.  I suggest giving this offer serious thought – and if you are looking for a new printer anyway, it is a no-brainer.  Remember that you must order before tomorrow night.

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