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Don’t miss out on Clubcard Boost double-up – just two days to go!

Here is an important reminder – there are just two days left to take advantage of the current Clubcard Boost double-up promotion over at Tesco Direct.  The offer has already ended in-store.

You can find details of the offer at Tesco Direct here.

In summary, you can buy ANYTHING at Tesco Direct and receive double the face value of your Clubcard vouchers when you pay.

The only exception is items sold by ‘Tesco partners’ – you must order a product which is sold directly by Tesco Direct itself.

On the face of it, this isn’t as good a deal as using your Clubcard vouchers for a Boost deal that offers three times or even four times the face value of your vouchers.  This page of Shopper Points lists every Clubcard Boost deal in order of generosity.

Despite this, I still chose to use the double-up promotion to get my daughter the Lego Friends Grand Hotel for Christmas:

Clubcard Boost double up promotion

Why?  Well, many Clubcard Boost deals come with some small print – you often can’t combine them with other discount codes or vouchers.  This means that you often receive a slightly worse deal than the ‘headline’ Boost multiplier.

Using your vouchers at Tesco Direct during this Clubcard Boost double-up promotion comes with no small print.  You can even buy sale items.  You are genuinely getting double the face value of your vouchers.

You will also be buying something that you genuinely need and would otherwise have paid for in cash – so you are saving ‘real’ money.

The Tesco Clubcard double up promotion runs until 30th December, which is Wednesday.  I would head over to Tesco Direct and take a look around – this is especially true if you have any Clubcard vouchers which are heading towards their two year expiry date.

Full details of the Boost double-up promotion are here.

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  1. Apart from spending them obviously, is there any way of stopping your vouchers expiring after 2 years?

  2. No idea what price you paid for Lego 41101, currently £99.99 @ Tesco.

    You could have got it in the buy 3 for the price of 2 @ Argos when it was £79.99, ie 3 for £159.98 or £53.33 each, with Amex MR points and TCB you could have reduced this to £50, or maybe you had a £10 off £100 Amex opp?

    You could then have sold your 2 spare £50 Heartlakes on Ebay for £85, = £70 after postage & fees unless you got a 75% off final fee value offer, which is what I got x100, making costs £12 so proceeds £72, so profit x2 £26.

    Making the Heartlake Hotel you wanted to keep £24.

    Of course you might have done this several times, making your generous present a nice profit-earning opportunity.

    • On a £ per hour basis, and given the difficulty in accessing Argos or a Post Office in Central London without a car, that would have been a poor use of my time 🙂

  3. The double-up to me is usually the optimal use of club-card points. I find that most boost partners have heavy discounts available on their regular price so the 3x or 4x headline promotion does not hold true (I mean who pays full price at pizza express ever?).

    Having said this RAC or Goldsmiths do seem to offer good value if not quite at their headline rate.

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