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15% off three gift cards at Tesco – and get 150 Clubcard points for every £50 spent

Tesco has started another discounted gift card promotion.  These offers are a good opportunity to reduce the cost of your shopping at other stores whilst also earning a generous Clubcard points bonus!

Until 10th January, you will receive a 15% discount when you purchase any of the following gift cards:

  • Pizza Express
  • iTunes
  • Google Play

Gift cards

This offer is available via two routes.  You can visit your nearest large Tesco store person or you can order via the Tesco gift card store online.  Online, you can order either a plastic gift card for delivery – which means you pay postage – or, for Pizza Express and Google Play, receive a code by email.

As always, you will receive 150 Clubcard points when you spend £50 on gift cards excluding Tesco own-brand gift cards (which includes F+F and other Tesco brands).  This offer has been running for three years now and shows no signs of ending, even though it is rarely promoted in stores.

How does the offer work?

This is how the ‘150 Clubcard points for spending £50 on gift cards’ offer works:

You need to spend £50 after deducting the 15% saving (assuming you buy any of the three cards above)

You will receive 150 points per £50, so a £100 purchase will earn you 300 Clubcard points

You do not receive base Clubcard points on gift card purchases – if you buy a £10 gift card on its own, you do not earn 10 Clubcard points.  You receive nothing.

If you buy in-store, the 150 free points are added at check-out.  If you order online, the points do not show on your receipt but will be added a few weeks later.

The ‘sweet spot’ here is the Pizza Express cards.  Because the £20 cards are reduced to £17, buying three of them will just get you across the £50 target.

If you buy 3 x £20 Pizza Express cards, you will receive:

£60 of Pizza Express gift cards for a cost of only £51

150 Clubcard points on top, worth potentially £4.50+ in Boost deals

Don’t forget to use up your Christmas magazine vouchers too!

As I wrote on Shopper Points back in November, the Christmas edition of Tesco Magazine came with a coupon for 100 extra Clubcard points when you bought a £20 gift card.

These vouchers expire tomorrow, 31st December.  If you still have some of the coupons in your purse or wallet, you should try to use them in the next 48 hours.

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  1. I have quite a few coupons left! Do you think they will work on the Pizza Express £20 gift cards even though they cost £17 at the moment? If so, that’d be 450 Clubcard points for buying 3 gift cards.

    • I hope so – will maybe try it later as I have a few let to use up by tomorrow.

      I also got an email yesterday from Tesco Clubcard giving me a few points coupons totalling 390 pts plus a double points coupon. Not had any coupons in a while so it will be nice to receive bonus points on stuff I buy.

  2. I can’t justify buying pizza express gift cards while you can convert club card vouchers at 4x value to spend there.

  3. Bought 5x£20 gift cards(not discounted) the other day and received 300 points so don’t think the split into 2x£50 is right – think its just the total needs to a multiple of £50.

    • Just about to say the same. Bought 5 x £20 Next cards and got 300 points for the £100 and 500 points for 5 x 100 points voucher from magazine. 800 in total. Some Edinburgh Tesco shops are limiting you to 4 gift cards at a time.

      • That may have changed – it definitely used to be a problem. Happy to delete that line!

      • Tesco issued an instruction that only max 4 giftcards can be bought in 1 transaction.

        Most till girls don’t know/ don’t care, same as ban on using conditional spend coupons on giftcards.

  4. I agree with TGLoyalty, Tesco finally sorted this problem of having to split the gift cards into £50 increments to get the 150 cc bonus points back in October this year and Tesco did not tell anyone. I personally found out by chance, so Rob was technically correct to warn everyone as he probably did not know.

    Please keep up the go work rob, if it was not for your blog, I am guessing all your points balances would be a lot less

  5. Use the 100 cc points Xmas mag coupons if you can still find the mag instore. My two local stores have removed them due to the content based around Xmas day so their getting rare, you have until 31st to use them then the coupon has expired.

  6. PlaneSimple says

    How long do the Pizza Express cards have on them until expiry?

    • 24 months.

      WIth most gift cards this can simply be reset by walking in and asking for them to check the balance, though I can’t confirm this is the case with Pizza Express.

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