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1,000 bonus Clubcard points on a £39 printer!

Back in mid December, Anika wrote a piece about some Tesco deals which, whilst they appeared generous on the face of it, were actually pretty terrible when you shopped around.

One of the deals she mentioned in that article was the Brother HL-1112 laser printer.  Tesco was charging £59 for it whilst it could easily be found elsewhere for £39.  It certainly wasn’t worth paying an extra £20 just to get 500 Clubcard points.

Tesco has now reduced the price of this printer to £39 as you can see here.  This matches the price everywhere else AND you get 500 bonus Clubcard points.

Except ….. Tesco has made an error!

Brother printer HL-1112

Add the printer to your basket and you will see that it adds on 1,000 bonus Clubcard points instead of 500.

You can be 99% certain that they will honour this and you will receive the 1,000 points.

For £39 – with free ‘click and collect’ delivery – you can get yourself a perfectly decent black and white laser printer plus 1,039 Clubcard points.  Those could be worth up to £30 in Clubcard Boost deals, which makes the printer very cheap indeed.

If the printer is showing as ‘sold out’, keep checking back throughout the day and tomorrow as availability tends to move around.

Tesco has also made a big price cut on a 2nd printer which we highlighted in December as being hugely overpriced.

The Brother DCP-J4120dw which was £119, compared to £70-ish elsewhere, is now reduced to £69.  This is only offering the expected 500 bonus Clubcard points when you add it to your basket.

This is a decent-looking all in one wireless colour printer and, with the extra points and its original £119 price tag, looks like a good deal.


These offers runs until 20th January although the 1,000 points glitch may be removed before then.  Thanks to Alex and Tilly for their help with this.

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  1. Many thanks guys, just bought two now!

  2. Sold out when I tried buying one at 5:45 a.m.

    • Try it again Tim, I tried again at 6.05am and was able to get one. I did wonder if it might be a temporary glitch as the listing itself wasn’t stating that it was sold out.

  3. Same. yetyom might have bought the last two.

    “Sorry, we don’t have enough Brother HL-1112 Mono Laser Printer items in stock right now. This item (s) has been added to your save for later basket. You can try to purchase this item again by reducing its quantity.”


  4. Got a few 🙂

  5. You might have missed out but the NowTV boxes – £15 – are glitching with 215 points – makes them £9.50 or so.

    Better connectivity than the white boxes.

    They come with offers – 2 x 24hrs Sky Sports/ 2 months Movies/ 3 months Entertainment, let’s see if SP likes my link…

  6. nope, awaiting moderation, seems like overkill lol

    so Tesco Direct & search nowtv

  7. Toby Wilkie-Smith says

    Says item is unavailable at 07.46

  8. There’s another printer with the 1000 pts on – Brother DCP-J4120dw

    • Only showing 500, but added in as it is a good price cut.

      • Was showing 1000 pts at 8am this morning in my basket, when I click on the basket now it updates total and only 500 extra points.

  9. OverTheHorizon says

    10:30 GMT

    Sorry, this product is currently unavailable


    Hardly worth my trouble clicking the link – this is the message we ALWAYS seem to get 🙁

  10. Brilliant to see more posts on this forum today than usual.

  11. They are available, you just need to check earlier in the morning everyday on this site as these deals are usually live the day before they get posted on the web.
    Unfortunately, there appears to be a lot more interest in printer bonus point offers recently so sell out quicker than before. This offer is not a patch on the 2500 cc points printer offer just before Xmas.
    This offer had been live on the Web for a day until it went OOS!

  12. wetboy1uk says

    some might say that some peoples greed is siling others ability to purchase Harry!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’ll sell you one @ cost lol

      Just buy the NowTV boxes @ £9.50, they go for £20

      • Though I did buy mine 24 hours before SP published this article lol

        HFP can be very responsive when the opportunity beckons, clearly good to be quick off the mark – lesson there?

        • I don’t want to move beyond one article per day and for technical reasons it is tricky to move the emails from 10am as a one off. We will get to a rhythm on this, give us time!

          • Rob & Anika are doing a nice job, as Rob has indicated, he has other irons in the fire, I guess we can all understand that.

      • How do you buy them for £9.50 when they are listed selling price is £15.00 on direct. You would be lucky to sell them for £20.

  13. There was availability when I looked earlier this morning. Sometimes you get lucky with these things and sometimes not.

  14. The problem comes when people buy more than one just for the points and then sell the printers (or whatever else it is) on ebay so only a few can benefit multiple times as opposed to multiple people benefiting once. Shame but that’s the way of the world.

  15. Back in stock now, but only showing as 500 bonus points.. they must have figured it out!

    • I found the same thing this morning. Got my email alert telling me it was back in stock but just showing an additional 500. Perhaps they realised the mistake and were conveniently out of stock until they fixed the glitch. I’m not a buyer now.

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