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Save on fuel by purchasing gift cards (for other shops!) at Morrisons

Morrisons does not usually get any coverage on Shopper Points.  There is, however, one little quirk about shopping at Morrisons which a lot of people don’t know about.

Morrisons has a scheme called Fuel Saver.  It even has its own dedicated website at

This is how it works:

When you buy a gift card at a Morrisons supermarket, you receive a Fuel Saver voucher

Every £10 you spend on gift cards is worth 1p per litre off your next visit to a Morrisons petrol station

A couple of years ago, it was possible to buy Visa Debit gift cards at face value, cash them out into a bank account or to pay an online bill and walk away with a substantial saving on your petrol bill.  This is no longer possible as those particular Visa Debit cards are no longer available.

Morrisons does, however, sell a wide range of gift cards – far more than Tesco in my experience.

If you were planning a major purchase which could be funded using gift cards bought at Morrisons, you could do very nicely.

Morrisons Fuel Saver

There are very few rules:

You must buy your petrol (or diesel or LPG) within 63 days of receiving your vouchers

The maximum transaction due to till limitations is £1,000 of gift vouchers (= a 100p discount voucher) but that is easily got around by breaking up your gift card purchase into sub-£1000 increments!

You can use as many vouchers as you want in one transaction – Morrisons doesn’t care if you don’t pay a penny for your petrol

The maximum fill is 100 litres but that is unlikely to be a problem

Morrisons has 302 petrol stations so, for most people, it is fairly convenient.

Tesco, of course, runs its own scheme to persuade you to purchase gift cards in its store.  You will receive 150 Clubcard points for every £50 you spend on non-Tesco branded gift cards as this Shopper Points article explains.

Let’s imagine you spend £100 on gift cards:

Morrisons – get 10p per litre off your next petrol station visit, save £5 on a 50 litre purchase

Tesco – get 300 Clubcard points, save £3 in-store but potentially £6-£9 via Clubcard Boost partners

Tesco may win out but, if your car or van takes more than 50 litres of fuel, the Morrisons deal could be more attractive.  The Fuel Saver vouchers also represent a genuine cash saving, of course.

You can learn more about Morrison Fuel Saver on its website.

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  1. Seen people going potty about this deal for ages now, it’s a great way of getting cheap fuel buying other gift cards like Amazon etc not available in T and meeting amex spends.

  2. Can’t believe Harry didn’t comment on this first, he LOVES the Morrisons deal 🙂 Might look into it myself actually as will be doing more mileage now.

  3. Delighted to see that Morrisons stock Starbucks gift cards, as Tesco have recently stopped.

  4. David Quinn says

    Sounds like a good option on both. As one of the few big retailers which don’t take Amex is B & Q, this could be handy. If Tesco do B&Q cards, simply buy them there before a purchase at the DIY store. Simples, Tesco points, Amex spend topped up towards the bonus, and the lawnmower bought too!

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