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How to earn FREE Clubcard points completing surveys for ‘Shopper Thoughts’

Shopper Thoughts may be something that you have not come across before, but it is a decent way to earn a few additional Clubcard points each quarter by completing market research surveys.

Shopper Thoughts is:

Shopper Thoughts is a way for consumers to share their experiences and thoughts. This helps us to develop the right products and to create the best shopping experience we can for you.

Every day you’re faced with lots of different choices. Not just along the supermarket aisles, but in every walk of your day-to-day life. If you’re a member of the Shopper Thoughts Panel, we will send you regular surveys to complete so that we can understand what you like and what you dislike, what issues are important to you and how we can serve you better in the future

Shopper Thoughts

The key thing you need to know is that Shopper Thoughts is owned by Dunnhumby.  Dunnhumby is a Tesco-owned company which operates Clubcard, so you know that this is a legitimate offer.

The website claims that you can earn 100 Clubcard points for a 15-minute survey.  If you do that with your iPad on the sofa whilst watching TV, it is not a bad use of your time!

That said, you don’t earn on every survey:

There will be some short surveys where you will not be allocated points. You will be entered into a prize draw instead. Each time you complete a survey offering a prize draw in a calendar month you will be entered into that month’s prize draw. There will be a monthly draw for prizes ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 points.

You also aren’t guaranteed to be able to complete a survey even if you are invited:

We always aim to send you surveys that are relevant to you. In some surveys there are different routes that can be taken, and a desired number of responses per route. If you do not meet the criteria of any of the possible survey routes, or if the route that you fit into has already reached its maximum number of responses then you will not be able to complete the rest of the survey. We will usually determine whether you are eligible for the survey or not within the first 2 to 4 questions.

I am not a member myself so I do not have any first hand experience, although feedback from readers of our sister travel loyalty site Head for Points is positive.  Your points are awarded after each survey – there is no minimum level and no waiting for a monthly / quarterly transfer date.

The Shopper Thoughts website is here if you want to sign up and give it a go.

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About Shopper Points

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  1. Surveys are generally quick to do, and the points do post quickly. However – I hardly ever get any sent to me.

  2. I’ve had a couple, including one that earnt 750 points, for completing with the app whilst in a Tesco store – it took about 10 minutes. Other than that, surveys seem to have dried up.

  3. My wife (Ts&Cs specifically state one a/c per household) signed up in March last year – not had a single survey offered to her…

    However, it seems that there’s an app for Shopper Thoughts, which is now installed and waiting… (eRewards seems to supply virtually all of its opportunities via the (occasionally buggy) app these days; Rewards for Thoughts has no app and surveys come via the website)

    Signol – yes, got a good haul of points via eRewards for a Sainsbury’s survey done in-store…

    • I signed up way back last year too and have never received any surveys either.

      • Am going to see if registering for app triggers anything…
        Have you ever emailed them Liz to ask if there’s anything wrong? Based on your other posts on HFP I think we’re in different demographics so I’m surprised to hear neither of us have got anything… (and we do ok for getting offered surveys through eRewards and RFT)

        • I emailed them this morning – I actually registered in Dec 2014 and heard nothing since. I ticked all the preferences this morning for emails and I downloaded the app today too. See if any of that helps!

          • Will you share your response (or a summary) here?

            • Will do ! Radio silence so far!

            • Got a reply from Shopper Thoughts saying when I registered they couldn’t match up my club card which is crazy – I know I always double check when entering my club card info . Only thing I can think of is my number is only 16 digits long and the new numbers are 18. When I do the tescoviews surveys it asks for 18 digits and I have to put two 00’s in front. So I have done this with Shopper Thoughts and sent them a message back asking them to check if my club card has worked this time. Shame they didn’t query the number 13 months ago when I registered!

  4. Hoping not to jinx it, but if get a lot of surveys through. 575 points in January.

    • Is that through the app or just them emailing you surveys to do ‘online’?

      • I joined in 2014 and to date had received over 3000 points – they do send the surveys intermittently and the best period was last month, when I completed 5; this month I received 4 but only completed 2 as the two I was not eligible . They do tend to send the surveys by emails, but I check the apps regularly and have found new ones on there, which they have not sent me, so I just requested them to send by email, as most surveys can not be completed on the apps.

      • Both ways.. Some app surveys can’t be done on IPad so you click to have them email the survey to do later on laptop

  5. I signed up in Dec and so far completed 3 surveys, total 300 points, plus arrived at 3 50 point surveys too late to be included in my demographic. I’m a working mother whow does the shopping including tesco, don’t know if that mages a different. I have the app but my last 2 surveys said couldn’t be done on mobile device so I just clicked through email on tablet and did it that way ok. They always email as well as app appearance which is helpful if you don’t have a smartphone.

    • Hey that’s good going so far – wonder why I never got any – I do 95% of my shopping in Tesco – do all the shopping etc etc. Will need to see what my reply is to my email.

  6. Be very careful when signing up to this site. I purely joined for clubcard points, clicked the preference for this reward, completed various surveys but when I checked my account it only offered me vouchers as rewards. Contacted cs and they stated my preferences coukd not be changed.

    • I had signed up for clubcard points and it till shows that – just not had any surveys!

    • 1nfrequent says

      Like Tilly, I signed up for this site on the basis that I wanted clubcard points, selected that as my prefence and provided my clubcard number. The site at some point unilaterally changed my prferences so that instead of cubcard points, I get vouchers. I do get surveys (albeit not as may as I’d like) but it can take up to 18 months to accrue the 1000 points necessary to get a voucher. Not great.

  7. I used to get invites by email regularly. Then I was logged out of my account and despite contacting Shoppers Thoughts more than once, no one ever replied to explain which is poor of them.

  8. Strange this, but the first survey for ages appeared in my inbox this evening

  9. Joined in 2012 & collected over 10,000 points, but very intermittent. Have the app & that it is what I check, it then says can’t do on Mobile send link to email for doing on laptop.

    The instore survey is the good one. Free tip if you do get one, make sure you say it is your regular Tesco’s

  10. I have just joined today & my clubcard is only 16 digits long, has anyone else used a 16 digit number successfully or should I email to check this?

    • See my note above — I am waiting on a response back to check if my club card has been accepted – my 16 digit card wasn’t recognised for 13 months – I’ll post back when I here back from ST about putting the 2 00’s in front

      • My wife got the same message about ‘clubcard number error’…

        Wonder if correcting it will fix anything…

        • Finally got my first survey today worth 75 cc points. Had to do two other surveys to update my profile. So for those who have a 16 digit club card number you need to enter two zero’s in front or else Shopper Thoughts won’t recognise it!

          • My wife just got her first survey today! Ditto 75 cc points… let’s see how frequent they are as the earning rate / minute effort beats RFT…

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