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How to earn Tesco Clubcard points if you get your gas and electricity from E.ON

I want to use this article to highlight ways in which you can collect Tesco Clubcard points from electricity and gas supplier E.ON.

Not many people know what you can still collect Clubcard points from E.ON.  It used to be an official Clubcard partner but that was dropped in 2013 when the company launched its own rewards scheme, E.ON Rewards.

Here is the interesting part, though.  There are only two things you can do with E.ON Rewards points:

  • Transfer them to Clubcard
  • Use them for Bonusbond high street shopping vouchers

You can find out more on the E.ON Rewards website here.

eon and tesco clubcard

This is how E.ON Rewards works:

The first thing you need to know is that it is an opt-in scheme.  If you do not specifically tell E.ON that you want to join, you won’t receive any points.  This is presumably done to keep down their costs.

The earning structure is simplicity itself.  You earn 1,500 E.ON Rewards points per year, which points added to your account on a monthly basis.  This assumes you are on a dual fuel deal.

You can transfer those points into Clubcard at 1:1 with no minimum transfer.  Bonusbond transfers work at a £5 voucher for every 500 points.

Clubcard vouchers are clearly the obvious option here.  Not only are you not obliged to convert in chunks of 500 points, but it will not be difficult to use Clubcard Boost to get more than 1p per point of value.  Bonusbond vouchers are worth a flat 1p per point with no chance of doing better.

Points expire two years after you earn them, so don’t leave them sitting in your E.ON Rewards account for a rainy day.

You should not take E.ON Rewards as a key factor in whether you use E.ON for your gas or electricity.  The company hopes that the loyalty scheme makes you a ‘sticky’ customer who does not want to shop around.  Being ‘sticky’ is generally not smart when looking at gas and electricity prices, and you should always keep an eye on your bills to ensure you are getting the best deal.

1,500 Clubcard points per year is nice to have, but in the context of the typical £1,000+ gas and electricity bill it should make little difference to your behaviour.

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  1. I redeem a nice chunk of Clubcard points per quarter, they have just launched a better deal and eon allow you to transfer your tariff and keep your reward points.
    I’m sure there are better deals on the market but literally every week a new deal gets launched and promises to be better than the cheapest tariff on the market. From previous experience I have found the cheapest tariffs out there have hidden charges somewhere especially when you decide to leave eg you lose your dd discount etc.

  2. Do you still get the 1500 rewards for single fuel only. I am just about to switch my mother in law who only has electricity.

  3. Eon was recommended as part of the Martin Lewis big shift last Autumn. So switched then, there is an even better deal now with Eon

    • I switched to Eon in the November deal but just got offered a better tariff with them so I switched last week. No exit fees as I stayed with the same supplier – just a better deal.

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