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20% off four gift cards at Tesco – plus 150 Clubcard points for every £50 spent

Buying gift cards at Tesco is a good way of reducing the cost of your shopping at other stores whilst earning a generous Clubcard bonus.

Until 14th February (did someone say Valentine’s Day?) you also get a 20% discount when purchasing any of the following cards:

  • iTunes £25 Gift Card and Digital Gift Card
  • H&M £20 Gift Card
  • Pizza Express £20 Gift Card and Digital Gift Card
  • Spafinder £25 Gift Card and Digital Gift Card

gift cards tesco iTunes, H&M, Spafinder and Pizza Express

This offer is available via two routes. You can visit your nearest large Tesco store or you can order via the Tesco gift card store online. Online you can order either a plastic gift card for delivery – which means you pay postage – or for Pizza Express, iTunes and Spafinder receive a code by email.

As always, you will receive 150 Clubcard points when you spend £50 on gift cards excluding Tesco own-brand gift cards (which includes F+F and other Tesco brands). This offer has been running for three years now and shows no signs of ending, even though it is rarely promoted in stores.

How does the offer work?

This is how the ‘150 Clubcard points for spending £50 on gift cards’ offer works:

You need to spend £50 after deducting the 20% saving (assuming you buy any of the four cards above)

You will receive 150 points per £50, so a £100 purchase will earn you 300 Clubcard points

You do not receive base Clubcard points on gift card purchases – if you buy a £20 gift card on its own, you do not earn 20 Clubcard points. You receive nothing.

If you buy in-store, the 150 free points are added at check-out. If you order online, the points do not show on your receipt but will be added a few weeks later.

Pizza Express may not be the most romantic Valentine’s destination, but at least you can earn a few points from it …..!

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  1. Cracking deal if you use the companies issued on the gift cards, fill yer boots!

  2. Does anyone know if iTunes vouchers be used against an Apple Music subscription?

  3. To get the Clubcard points do you have to spend £50 on giftcards of the same type or can it be a mix of various?

  4. The online gift card store doesn’t allow me to provide my Clubcard number anywhere. Did I miss it ?

  5. I see Pizza express vouchers sell for between 80 and 90% of face value on ebay. Does this make it a worthwhile bulk buy for some cheap avios?

  6. Got caught out buying £50 of Argos vouchers today at Tesco, can’t be used on, so no double dip via a cashback site etc. It does say so on the card wallet so my own fault. Buyer beware!

  7. Great news – Just found, with the online codes, that you can specify whatsoever amount you want to take you just over the £50 threshold for the 150 points (rather than needing to stick to the £15 / £25 sums on the physical gift cards) – so I can eg. put in £63.00 which after the 20% off shows as £50.40 – happy!

  8. Just went to order some itunes gift codes from the tesco site and was surprised to see you can’t pay with Amex??

  9. They’re no discount coming up online, am I missing something?

    • You also need to buy the EXACT denomination listed above – it must be £20 for Pizza Express, not a smaller or larger card. Should then work OK, I just did a dummy booking that worked.

  10. For some reason the discount doesn’t appear when i select digital gift card – this a problem for anyone else?

    • You need to request a £20 gift card (for Pizza Express at least) – you don’t get 20% off any random amount you choose.

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