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THE BIG ONE: 500 Clubcard points (worth £15) with every £3 purchase – ACT NOW

This is it, folks.  If you only jump on one Tesco Clubcard deal this quarter then make it this one.

You will receive 500 Clubcard points for buying a £3 printer ink cartridge.  That is worth £15 of Clubcard Boost deals if you redeem for a good ‘3 x face value’ offer such as Goldsmiths or Safestore.

(For frequent flyer miles collectors, you will receive 1,200 Avios or 1,250 Virgin miles for every £3 purchase.)

You will make 4 to 5 times your money here.

There are actually two special offers which are running in parallel.  On their own, each would be hugely generous.  Together, they are exceptional!

Tesco is offering 250 Clubcard points on a selection of printer inks (click here)

Tesco is also offering 250 Clubcard points on a selection of Tesco-branded printer inks (click here)

As most inks are on both lists (ie all of the ones on the Tesco-branded list), you receive both bonuses.  You will see 500 points added to your basket with each cartridge, not 250.

The cheapest ink is just £3.  There are four different ones at this price.  All were in stock at 9am this morning.

Tesco ink bonus Clubcard points

How many should I buy?

This is a very good question.  Tesco has strict bulk buying rules.  When they gave 500 points on the purchase of a Dan Brown book, for example, they took away points from people who bought just two copies.

However, printer inks are consumables.   This means that you should be OK to buy more than one of the same ink.

To be 100% sure, you may want to order just one of any particular ink.  This would mean buying each of the four that are £3 but then buying the more expensive £5 ones on top.  Tesco will not have a problem with this.

The minimum ‘click and collect’ order size for free delivery is now £30.  This means that adding £30-worth to your basket would be sensible.  If Tesco accused you of bulk buying then this would be your excuse.

Personally, I ordered £30-worth spread across the £3 and £5 inks and I expect to receive just over 5,000 points.

What should I do with them?

Frankly, it doesn’t matter at this price!

You could sell them on eBay.  However, given that you would be getting less than £3 each for them and that you have to pay eBay, PayPal, postage and packing fees – plus put in the time required – I doubt it is worth it.  I will be dropping mine in at Oxfam.

Act quickly

Shopper Points is the first site to break this deal.  I would also expect Tesco to have a decent stock of its own cartridges.

In theory, the deal runs until 28th February.

However, to be sure, I strongly recommend jumping in now.  Tesco may well remove the ‘double counting’, although even at 250 points for a £3 cartridge it would be a great deal.

Stop reading, click here and fill your basket – I recommend ordering £30-worth to qualify for free ‘click and collect’ delivery.

(If any cartridges are out of stock, remember that you can request an email when they come back in by clicking the link on the specific product page.)

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  1. Now showing out of stock.

  2. all the £3 ones already sold out !

  3. All the £3 and most of the £5 out of stock now!

  4. Yep all seems all £3 ones are gone.

  5. Alex Fisher says

    I’ve just ordered some of the £7 ones: £42 for £30 worth of Clubcard vouchers (or 7200 Avios) is a fantastic deal.

  6. All £5 versions sold out also.

  7. Looks like everything up to £7 sold out.

  8. yup can’t get any £3 or £5 ones, is this in stores as well?

  9. Totally gubbed. Irritating, as I actually needed some new cartridges.

  10. Wow, they went quick!

  11. all sold out now

  12. 🙁

  13. Even Kodak £12.50 are sold out. They all went like hot cakes! Amazing deal. Gutted.

  14. Does anyone know if these deals are available in store?

  15. Even the £13.50 ones, that my printer actually takes, are out of stock now.

  16. Even the £15 are gone

  17. Annoying it shows some as available until you click through to the basket, years ago these would run for days with people double dipping, but sadly (with a million readers a month) on this site alone, the glory days are long over. I remember the days of our bi-annual trips to BGI in 1st and our 1st to Sydney with a Amex 2-4-1, will always remember them fondly though but just to many on the band wagon now. Its like everything in life you have to get in at the beginning to get the really good stuff!

  18. website showing in stock for h364 cartridge, but when i went to pay it did not allow me.
    Guess they have not updated their website properly . Damm . I need cartridges too, oh well, just have
    to see if they will get anymore in stock.

  19. I noticed the first comment was at 9:51am. I received the email at 10:02am so had no chance!

  20. I noticed the first comment saying out of stock was at 9:51am. I received the email at 10:02am so had no chance!

    • The article went up at 9.30 – I purposely delayed it from the usual 7.30. People on the Twitter feed will have seen it instantly.

      For technical reasons I cannot change the timing of the email on the day, it has to be done the day before and I didn’t have this until late last night (was actually in bed when I found it!).

  21. Are they likely to come back in stock??

    • They are but there will be even more people looking for them then, some with stock alerts. What about in store? Is the offer on there?

  22. Sian Higginson says

    Offer is not available in store. I have just had one scanned to check.

  23. It is a fantastic deal, however the club point is now reduced for 250 instead of 500

    • No it isn’t. It SAYS 250 points but you get 500.

      Just cut and pasted this:

      Clubcard points 512
      Basket total £12.00”

  24. Offer now states only 250 pts, they have removed the second red box.

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