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Update on yesterdays ‘500 Clubcard points for £3’ deal

Well, that all went a little crazy yesterday!

For those who missed the article, Shopper Points had the exclusive story that Tesco printer inks, priced from just £3, were on offer with 250 bonus Clubcard points.  In practice, a Tesco bug meant that you got 500 points per cartridge.

Within 20 minutes of the story going up, all of the cheapest inks had sold out.  By the end of the day (it is 9.30pm as I type), almost ALL of the inks are sold out – even the most expensive ones.

The cheapest one left as I type is £12.  To be honest, even this is a decent deal if you actually have a compatible printer that will use the ink or you think you can resell the cartridges on eBay for a fair price.

Tesco ink cartridge 2

However, all is not necessarily lost if you want a £3 cartridge.

There are three things worth noting:

This offer runs until 28th February.  It is very unlikely that Tesco Direct will not have any Tesco-branded ink cartridges in stock again until after the 28th.  After all, Tesco stores are full of them so there is definitely stock in the system.  Keeping checking the offer page (click here) occasionally.

You can sign up for stock alerts.  You will receive an email when a particular cartridge comes back into stock – although you’d still have to move very quickly to get your order in when the email arrives.   To do this, simply click ‘Request Stock Alert’ under each cartridge on this page.

This offer is NOT available in store.  Even if your Tesco has these cartridges you will not receive any bonus points. Some people have already tried this.

Congratulations if you got in on this deal yesterday.  Commiserations if you didn’t – but a lot can change in the next nine days before this offer ends!

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  1. Congratulations to all those early birds yesterday who certainly got the juiciest worms!

  2. There are some £7 inks in stock as I type.

  3. I checked those this morning, if you click and add, when you get to checkout it takes them out.

  4. Don’t rely on the stock alerts – if any of these come back into stock, they will all be sold out before you receive the alert.

  5. BlueThroughCrimp says

    Tesco called me to say they are dispatching my order minus 2 of the £3 cartridges as they have gone out of stock.

    I’d rather they just kept the £6, but still gave me the points!

    • Mine have arrived at my Express for collection!

      • BlueThroughCrimp says

        Same for me. I’ve collected the 8 they did have in stock and sent.
        They didn’t charge for delivery despite going below £30.

        Netted 4024 points – thanks Rob!

  6. My 5,032 points hit overnight 🙂

  7. One of the £3 inks showed as back in stock this morning, I added one to the basket to checkout and see if truly in stock, no such luck!

  8. Seems like the £3 cartridges aren’t part of the deal anymore. The cheapest ones showing now are £5 (and out of stock).

    • These won’t be part of the deal also if they come back in stock. If any come back in stock they will probably fix the glitch like previous same printer deals. It will be 250 points and will probably be on expensive ones only.

  9. Truly gutted I missed out, but never mind! The most annoying part is that my printer has now run out of ink bleeeuuuugggghhhhh !!!! anyone selling some cheap T0711-T0714 cartirdges lol !

  10. There’s some back in stock – now priced at £30!!!

  11. Who is awake?
    Tesco H90 Printer Ink Cartridge is back in stock!
    Good luck.

  12. Sorry folks, all gone!

  13. Duplicate offer now removed. Starting to gradually come back in stock.

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