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20% off six gift cards at Tesco (and 150 Clubcard points for every £50 spent!)

In early February Tesco had an 20% off offer on 4 gift cards. Now (in time for Mother’s Day!) Tesco is giving you 20% off 6 gift cards.

The gift cards included in this offer are:

  • £25 iTunes (gift card + digital gift card)
  • £25 New Look (gift card)
  • £20 Pizza Express (gift card + digital gift card)
  • £20 H&M (gift card)
  • £25 Monsoon (gift card + digital gift card)
  • £10 Accessorize (gift card)

giftcards tesco 20% off

This offer is available until 6th March (did I mention MOTHER’S DAY!?) and you can get the gift cards via two routes. Either you visit your nearest large Tesco store or you can order via the Tesco gift card store online.

Online, you have got the choice between a plastic gift card for delivery or for Pizza Express, iTunes and Monsoon you can receive a code by email and save money on postage.

As always, you will receive 150 Clubcard points when you spend £50 on gift cards excluding Tesco own-brand gift cards (which includes F+F and other Tesco brands). This offer has been running for three years now and shows no signs of ending, even though it is rarely promoted in stores.

How does this offer work?

This is how the ‘150 Clubcard points for spending £50 on gift cards’ offer works:

You need to spend £50 after deducting the 20% saving (assuming you buy any of the four cards above)

You will receive 150 points per £50, so a £100 purchase will earn you 300 Clubcard points

You do not receive base Clubcard points on gift card purchases – if you buy a £20 gift card on its own, you won’t receive any Clubcard points.

If you buy in-store, the 150 free points are added at check-out. If you order online, the points do not show on your receipt but will be added a few weeks later.

You know your Mum will thank you for it ….

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  1. If only they sold amazon vouchers…

    • The gift vouchers discounted are only for stores where they have a high profit margin i.e clothes, digital goods and pizza, best off with Morrisons fuel saver for amazon vouchers

  2. Can someone do the maths please?! What’s the minimum face value of gift cards we need to buy to trigger the bonus points after 20% discount?
    Thanks – brain not working.

    • £62.50

      workings if you’re interested
      x – 20% x = 50
      so x * 0.8 = 50
      so x = 50 / 0.8
      so x = 62.5

      • Thanks!
        Now to figure if I should go with this route, or stick to the Morrison’s offer of 1p off per litre of fuel, for every £10 spent on gift cards.

    • It depends on what one you buy as they’re all different prices:

      For £20 cards you’ll need 4 for the first 150 points (£64 spend for £80 coupon) or 7 for 300 (£112 for £140 coupon).
      For £25 crds you’ll need 3 for the first 150 points (£60 for £75 coupon) or 5 for 300 (£100 for £125 coupon).

  3. Do you definitely get the 150 extra points on £50 worth of iTunes digital giftcards? Thanks.

  4. declerambault says

    I can’t seem to find Monsoon digital gift cards – is it right they’re available in both forms?

  5. Is anyone else having a problem ordering on the website? I keep getting a Sage Pay error at payment stage. I’ve tried different credit cards and even set up an account for my wife from scratch and got the same error.

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