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Win 50,000 Clubcard points! (and, less excitingly, get 30 extra Clubcard points with Carnation!)

(EDIT:  Some readers have reported problems getting the 50,000 points coupon accepted by their local Tesco.  Be aware that it may not scan when you present it at the till.)

Don’t we all love Clubcard points? Especially those that are free! How does 50,000 Clubcard points sound?  That’s £500 at face value or £1500 if exchanged at 3 x face value for one of the better redemptions.

If you want to be one of 5 lucky winners to win 50,000 Clubcard points, all you need to do is download and print a coupon that you can find on the Tesco website.

win 50000 tesco clubcard points

This competition is only available in store and not online. Everyone who scans the coupon alongside their Clubcard before 3rd April will be entered in the prize draw. The 5 winners will be chosen 21 days after the competition closes.

Good luck!

Whilst your printing the coupon, you can also have a look at this coupon to receive 30 extra Clubcard points with Carnation. If you’re planning a bake off, you can pick up 30 extra Clubcard points with Carnation Sweetened Condensed Milk, Chocolate Filling & Topping and Caramel until 30th March. This offer is also available online when entering the code GRCC30 at checkout.

carnation 30 clubcard points

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  1. Duncan Stevenson-Price says

    For some reason I haven’t received any Tesco coupons in the last 6 months. In reality it’s been longer than that, but Tesco shows 0 issued in that period.

    Has anyone else had this? It seems so strange that they’d just stop like that, as we used to get them regularly (and we used to use them regularly!)

    • MadMiler says

      Yes, this happened to me last year and I did not receive any coupons for close to 12 months. Then, all of a sudden, I started receiving them again. Strange, but I use them all as quickly as I received them, so maybe that went against receiving them for a period of time … will never know the method to their madness!!

  2. I have not received any coupons in the last year, I rang up to find out why they said its done by the Marketing department and they would pass the message onto them. Still nothing,yet people in the check out queue in front of me have loads and even my son who only collects a handful each month gets them.

    I have had the Clubcard since it first started son do not know what I have done to upset them, and I must spend thousands in Tesco each year. Just received a letter from the MasterCard people this morning saying they are not giving the annual 650 points bonus. Its getting such a struggle to collect points which go towards airline miles.

  3. My coupons stopped for about 6 months and started again about three months ago. Since they restarted, they are typically now of the type that are “get 90 bonus points with this butter” type of coupon rather than money off products which is good.

  4. Thanks for this HFP – tried to use it at my local Tesco today and the self scan wouldn’t accept it and I was sent to the Customer Service Desk. They couldn’t get it to work (at one point they tried to input 50,000 points to my card !!!!) then had to ring up Clubcard to get it manually on to the system and they were told they have to do this with every voucher. The look on the staff members face was priceless.

    No problem with the extra 30 points for Caramel Carnation though 🙂

    • I was sent away with nothing. I couldn’t get them to accept it. What should I do?

      • Try phoning the Clubcard Helpline yourself – in store today although the staff rang through for us they did ask to speak to Mr H whose Clubcard it was. I would do it sooner than later as they will get heartily sick of people having to phone up – unless they can get their system working.

        • I tried using it today for my wife’s Clubcard but wouldn’t register at the till. Called CS and was told that it wasn’t accepted as I had entered the competition back in February. I didn’t realise Tesco’s IT was that advanced…

          • Had the same issue too last week. Kept the voucher in my wallet so will have to persevere next time I’m in Tesco

  5. I tried tonight at my local Tesco Metro. Check out staff tried to scan it with no success. Was told to try again….staff were not aware of club card competition.

  6. Tried all our club cards yesterday, not one of them accepted the coupon. Very weird. Was there a similar comp run back in feb ? Would be a fab prize to enter, though.

  7. tried the coupon moments ago, not done a previous competition but it didnt work for me either, said it was too soon on the screen

  8. Stuart F says

    Another failure report from me. I’ve emailed Clubcard to see what’s going on.

  9. Nick Burch says

    Voucher didn’t work for me tonight. The manager spent a bit of time trying, including entering the number manually, and said he thought that someone had put the wrong code on it. He said it was coming up on the till like a money off voucher, not a clubcard thing. So, I emailed the clubcard team, got a reply back very soon after saying they’ve contacted the Business Support Team who apparently can manually enter Clubcard accounts to the competition.

  10. Same thing with me happened yesterday, they called a supervisor who suggested I go to CS desk but as my ice cream was melting and there was a mile long queue gave it a miss.

  11. Tried last night. Same as everybody else… the self scan wouldn’t accept it and it dodn’t work at the CS desk either. Staff told me a number of customers had tried to scan the coupon without success. Looks like there is a serious glitch with this one.

  12. While registering for payQwiq last night I had to access my Tesco app and amazingly I had one of these “win 50,000” amongst my online coupons! (Yep Dohh.) I successfully scanned it off my phone. Fingers crossed.

  13. My coupon was refused at checkout…suggested I rang, but I just tweeted @tesco instead and they’ve entered me

  14. Tried yesterday at a Tesco petrol station and today at the supermarket and coupon was rejected both times. The staff did not seem to have seen one before.

  15. John Gallagher says

    I was told my Clubcard that the win 50,000 point coupon is definately not one of theirs

  16. Ronnie McGovern says

    Hi. I tried the coupon at my local Tesco in Paisley yesterday. This is a brief account as to what transpired-
    I presented the voucher and after 4 attempts that said ‘Invalid’ I was advised to contact Customer Services instore. Instore Customer Services was superb.
    She contacted Clubcard first, who told her it ‘was nothing to do with us, contact Tesco Customer Support’. She then phoned Tesco Customer Support and was told the voucher was invalid as the competition has ended!! She even explained that the end date was 3rd April 2016 but Customer Services insisted it was finished. She advised me to try contacting Tesco directly.
    Before I contacted Tesco Customer Support, I contacted Trading Standards, who advised that as the voucher is freely available online, I complain to Tesco formally under the Breach of Promise/Contract applicable legislation.

    I phoned Tesco Customer Support who advised IT WAS a Clubcard promotion and therefore, I had to be transferred to them. I then spoke to another agent, who after consultation with his Supervisor advised that these vouchers were possibly only sent out to certain customers. I explained again that there was no name on these vouchers and I was freely able to download it from Tesco itself and it was freely available on a few websites via a link.
    He also spoke to Business Support who advised I may not be able to be entered into the completion as I had not been sent the voucher directly. I then asked why it was freely available from Tesco online, and why then did I not then receive an entry to this competition – was I not good enough? Or did I spend enough in Tesco that it did not have to care about me?
    I also reminded him that I was not alone in contacting Tesco Customer Support and that others who had phoned had been told they HAD been entered into the competition ( see comments on the Shopperpoints website). Does this mean that the agents that others customers had spoken too had been able to get them entered into the competition (which they told me I possibly could not) OR were the customers lied to in order to end the call?
    (I also asked them to remember that their own Call Centre staff told the Instore Customer Services Agent, today, that the competition no longer existed AND the Clubcard Team told her it was nothing to do with them!). I have sent Tesco a Recorded delivery Complaint and will see what happens.

  17. It’s definitely not targeted. Visit then wait for the offer to roll round on the scrolling thing. This works even if you are not signed in.

    “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.”

    I vote for massive IT cockup on this one.

  18. Ronnie McGovern says

    I had a call back this afternoon from the guy I had spoken to at Tesco Clubcard Support on Friday. He had received a reply from the Business Team that deals with all these promotions. Apparently this voucher was only sent out to a specific number of Clubcard holders and it seems to be linked to that clubcard holders account. In other words if you did not personally receive this voucher then you cannot enter the competition. The vouchers we had printed will not work – ever. That is what he said.
    This seems to go against what Stuart F. says above. I will check it out and call the guy back as I have his contact details.

  19. Ronnie McGovern says

    I had a call back this afternoon (Sunday) from the guy I had spoken to at Tesco Clubcard Support . He had received a reply from the Business Team that deals with all these promotions. They insist this voucher was only sent out to a specific number of Clubcard holders and it is linked to that clubcard holders account. In other words if you did not personally receive this voucher then you cannot enter the competition. They say the vouchers we had printed will not work – ever. That is what he said was in the email from Business Support.
    This seems to go against what Stuart F. says above. I did check it out tonight and he ( Stuart F) is absolutely correct. I have taken a screenshot to prove it and I will call the agent back at Tesco on Tuesday ( he is off Monday) as I have his contact details, and let him know that this is just a total mess
    I wouldn’t bet against Stuart F ‘s thoughts on this one………. And they wonder why Tesco is having problems…..

  20. Ronnie McGovern says

    I just managed to get hold of the agent at Tesco Customer Support. After checking the website himself, he is very unhappy that he has been told to tell customers wrong information. His manager is ‘escalating’ the problem and hopefully it will be fixed soon. Oh yes…..they are going to add me into the competition now…

  21. mr_fluff says

    I’ve just spoken to Clubcard (0800 591 688) and the agent obviously knew about the problem, and said she would email her business manager who would enter me manually. Whether they really do I suppose I’ll never know, unless I am lucky enough to be a winner! 🙂

  22. Alan Robertson says

    Same as others – no luck in store, publicly advertised at so very annoying to have all this hassle – have Tweeted them too.

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