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How to earn 500 Clubcard points with PayQwiq (London and Edinburgh only)

PayQwiq is a new Tesco innovation which is still in the beta testing phase.

It is, basically, Apple Pay for people who don’t have an iPhone 6!

It is an app which you can ONLY use for paying for shopping in Tesco.  This obviously makes it very restrictive.  The way it works is relatively simple although I am not fully convinced it is simpler than cash or credit card:

You install the PayQwiq app on your smartphone

You link your Clubcard number and one or more credit cards to PayQwiq

When in a participating Tesco store, you pay by scanning a barcode in the PayQwiq app. This automatically credits your Clubcard account with the relevant points and charges your linked credit card for the purchase.

There is no additional cost, or saving, to paying with cash or a credit card.

At present, PayQwiq is even more restrictive than it would be if it were only used in Tesco stores.  You can currently only use it in London (498 stores) and Edinburgh (26 stores).


Tesco will bribe you to use PayQwiq and bribe you to keep using it!

You can register your interest in PayQwiq by visiting the PayQwiq website here or via the Tesco app.  The ‘register’ box on the website opens a blank email – if you don’t have a built-in email programme you can register interest by emailing

I registered my interest recently and a couple of weeks later received an email inviting me to download the app and sign up.

The bribe?  If I install the app and use it just once in any participating Tesco before 23rd March, I will receive 500 bonus Clubcard points.

I know that some people who have registered for PayQwiq in the past but not used it recently have received a similar offer to give it another go.

So, if:

you live or work in London or Edinburgh and

you have a smartphone

you should definitely register your interest in PayQwiq.  It could lead to some easy points.

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  1. Great! I looked into this a few months ago but there were not any Tesco stores near my home / office in London but it now looks like the coverage has increased.


  2. Luckily I’m in Edinburgh and my local store participates. I’ve just registered my interest, loaded the iphone app with my account and card details. Are the points given automatically or do I need to wait for an invite with the incentive offer?

    • Also waiting for this answer. Not going to download it until I get an invite email for bonus points (I’m not in London for a few weeks either).

      What is the definition of London (M25?)

  3. Windows Phone users need not apply…

  4. Just registered and completed my purchases in local Tesco store in Welling. Self scan machine all clearly indicate PayQwiq compatible and no <£30 restrictions as with alternative contactless payment card options.

    Only slight concern is no indication on my receipt of 500 cc point bonus although receipt does clearly state PayQwiq was used.

    I'll keep an eye out for my bonus!

  5. Does anyone know when Tesco Life Insurance bonus points payout? I registered and was accepted on Nov 28th, but I’ve not yet got any points.

    Actually – it doesn’t look like they’ve taken *any* direct debits either, I’ve not received anything since the letter saying I’ve been accepted and I’m now covered…

    • I got my first points after the 3rd direct debit payment – you need to query why the payments are not coming off. You should have received the policy documents too.

      • Will Squires says

        Got policy docs (including a DD statement) but no DDs. Will ring and query.

  6. Interesting I noticed that self-checkout machines in Edinburgh looked slightly different and had card readers that accepted NFC. I wonder if the update has also allowed them to properly scan barcodes from mobile phone screens? (I know the older-style ones definitely don’t).

    Any word, Rob, on whether we need to wait for the invite email before using to get the 500pts or does it just automatically award the points??

  7. Same as Oliver I have successfully used PayQwiq (check out staff was surprised as apparently she never seen it before being used at till)…. so far, 24 hours later after transaction no points in my Club card….and I am talking about earned points not potential bonus of 500. Normally eared points get accredited to my account within 24 hours.

  8. I emailed but have heard nothing back. I am visiting London tomorrow so had hoped I could use it then, am not there very often!

  9. Johnnycl says

    Just had an email from PayQwik, looks like they’ve reached their limit for a trial period ….

    We’ll keep you updated…   Thanks for registering your interest with PayQwiq – the speedy, simple and secure payment app from Tesco.   We’re testing the app with a small number of customers at the moment, but you’ll be the first to know when PayQwiq is ready for you to use!   Speak soon,   The PayQwiq Team

    Also it may not be limited to London and Edinburgh, it has appeared as a payment option on the self service tills in Yorkshire today.

  10. “You can register your interest in PayQwig by visiting the PayQwiq website…”

    You don’t even need to do that. Simply install the PayQwiq app, login using your account details, add details of your debit or credit card and you’re all sorted. There’s no need to wait for an email – shop in a store that supports Payqwiq and you’ll get your bonus Clubcard points.

    PayQwiq is great and you can even use it at ‘cash only’ tills. Tills go into ‘cash only’ mode when there’s a problem with the card reader so at the self-service tills when everyone in the queue is paying by card you’ll be able to jump the queue.

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