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BzzAgent no longer offering Clubcard points – but you still get free product samples

Every so often you write an article and it turns out that something changed and you never found out … this is one of those.  This piece has been rewritten since originally published.

For many years, BzzAgent was one of the more low-key ways of earning Clubcard points even though Tesco owns the company.

BzzAgent – their website is here – is a business which undertakes product sampling for household goods companies.  Once you have signed up and given the company some details about your lifestyle, you will receive occasional sample packages (full size) of household goods and non-perishable food through your letterbox, for free.

Your only obligation is to give the product a try and then write a short review which you are asked to share on your social networks.

For a long time, Tesco offered a handful of Clubcard points for some (but not all) of the activities you completed. as well as receiving the original product for free.

I thought this was still the case – the Clubcard earning element is still discussed in the Terms & Conditions – but according to the comments below this was dropped recently.


You may still be interested in joining BzzAgent purely for free product samples.  The important thing to realise is that BzzAgent is owned by Tesco via its Dunnhumby subsidiary (this is the Tesco business which also manages Clubcard).  This means that it is a 100% reliable business and highly unlikely to abuse your personal data.

I have had some feedback on Bzzagent from members.

There seem to be two opposing views.  Some people are not keen that the company strongly encourages you to use Twitter and Facebook to talk about the products you have been sent – and you must disclose in your posts that you got the products for free.

On the other hand, I know members who are happy with the value of the items they have been sent for review and have no problems with sharing information about the products online.  There are others who ignore the requests to post on social networks and just complete a private product review for BzzAgent – this is OK and you will still receive your reward.

I am not a member of BzzAgent and have no personal experience of it.  The fact that Tesco owns it, however, is good enough for me and makes me happy to recommend it for a closer look if it sounds the sort of thing you’d enjoy – you just won’t be earning Clubcard points any longer.

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  1. I was a member of this however, they informed me that they were no longer issuing club card points (and i certainly did not get any) so it is a waste of time IMHO.

    • When was this Leon?

      Rob’s article suggests you can still earn points so I would rather believe him than you – but only cos I want the points 😉

      (It’s not that I don’t believe you, I just hope you’re not right!)

      I’ve emailed them to see what the situation is now…

      • I could be wrong – the terms and conditions still say you earn points so I didn’t see any warning flag.

        I will amend the article later, apologies.

        • I’ll get in touch if/when BzzAgent respond to my message…

          • I’m playing catchup on articles from the past week or so.

            Can also confirm I received an email (before Christmas) saying Bzz would no longer dish out points -it was after they did a bit of re-branding IIRC so seemed to indicate ‘moving away’ from Tesco

            As @mkcol mentions, you’re better with Orchard if you want to earn points – it’s exactly the same engine anyways 🙂

            Bzz is good if you like to try products for free though

  2. I joined BzzzAgent perhaps a year ago, spent ages filling in all sorts of information and was then offered to review some Jacobs cracker crisps. I was sent 3 packets, filled in the questionnaire and was then deluged by BzzAgent emails asking for follow-up information, some of which I did to get my BzzzAgent rating up. I have never heard from them again with any other offers and on balance I think this is too much effort for too little gain.

  3. Bzzagent haven’t given clubcard points for quite a while now and even before that it was only ever 25 or 50 per campaign activity. As they’ve grown, the products they send out to test have got smaller – rather than high value items you now only get something worth maybe £5 max and yes, it’s becoming rather too much effort for too little gain. They don’t deluge you with emails. There are a couple of reminder ones for you to do your campaign activities and one final email asking you to complete a short summary

  4. Have you not tried Tesco Orchard?

    It’s almost exactly the same thing, except they only let you trial Tesco goods, whereas BzzAgent was other brands.

    My link is but I don’t benefit anything by recommending anyone. Or if you don’t want to use it then go to

    You still get Clubcard points via Orchard, but nothing mind-blowing!!

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