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The Orchard – a Tesco product sampling business which pays you in Clubcard points!

Last weekend I covered BzzAgent.  This is a very low key business which is owned by Tesco and which sends you samples of new consumer products to test and review.

Tesco actually owns two product testing businesses.  As well as BzzAgent, you also have The Orchard.

The Orchard

The Orchard differs from BzzAgent because it is focussed purely on new Tesco products.  It also rewards you with free Clubcard points, which BzzAgent no longer does.

When you sign up with The Orchard, you will be sent free samples of Tesco “products, experiences and services” which are yours to keep, with an extra reward of some Clubcard points.  You may also receive coupons allowing you to buy a product in store for free or at a substantial discount.  The offers you receive will be based on data from your Clubcard account about the sort of products you already buy.

You can sign up for The Orchard here.  Feedback from people I know who are involved is positive (better than for BzzAgent) – probably because Tesco is testing out its own products and is genuinely interested in what you have to say.

I am not a member myself so, if you’ve got any personal feedback on The Orchard, please do let us know in the comments.

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  1. I tried and reviewed Stilton cheese at Xmas and in Jan/Feb a healthy ready meal. The Orchard is a decent proposition – you get some free stuff and Clubcard points in exchange for a short review.

    • Any idea how many Clubcard points you pick up?
      Have just registered but wondering about the effort:reward ratio.

      • Often 10-20 activities available per ‘programme’.

        Rewards can be 5, 10 or 25 points per activity. What you submit is rated by someone at Tesco and I find it can be hard to get the 25 scores. You get the odd 5 points for end of programme surveys.

        • Activities include tweets, reviews, links to photos (such as Instagram). No cc points for Facebook activities due to Facebook terms of use

        • Usually they award me 10 cc points per review. I think you get up to 15 reviews but you have to link to blog articles, pics on FB / Twitter etc to get all 15.
          I once got awarded 25 cc points but that was rare. The best thing is the MOC’s they send you in the post, usually £5 off £5 min spend so free items and lots of extra MOC s which you can use yourself also.

          • Yes – I think the benefit is in the coupons and free stuff, not really in the cc points

  2. Bunch of idiots… many more times do I have to input a CORRECT Clubcard number ?

  3. I joined when it started. Filled out endless questionnaires, surveys etc for about 3/4 months. Never got a single thing apart from a couple of [small] money off coupons and lots of stuff [coupons and the like] for me to pass on to friends to ‘spread the word’. My experience is that is was a total waste of effort. Amazon Vine programme, on the other hand, is fabulous but that is by invite only.

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