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My favourite Tesco Clubcard redemptions: using your vouchers at Goldsmiths

Today I am looking at why Goldsmiths is one of my preferred Tesco Clubcard redemptions.

If you’ve looked at our list of Clubcard redemptions ranked by the multiple of face value you receive, you will see that it comes with a caveat.

Not all Clubcard redemptions are as good as they seem.

Let’s take Pizza Express as an example.  In theory, you receive 4 x the face value of your Clubcard vouchers when you redeem for Pizza Express meals.  In reality, you may receive less because – at least midweek – Pizza Express often has voucher codes or email deals available which cannot be combined with Tesco vouchers.

Similarly, when I looked at redeeming Tesco vouchers for Hilton hotels, you may remember that you need to pay the ‘cancellable’ price with your Clubcard vouchers – even though your stay is not refundable.

In this new occasional series, I will be taking a look at my pick of the best redemptions in terms of getting a genuine bargain.  I am starting with my reasons for using Tesco Clubcard vouchers at Goldsmiths.

Goldsmiths Tesco Clubcard

I want to start with the jewellers Goldsmiths because it is a redemption I have done myself in the past, getting myself a very smart Montblanc pen.

As you can see here at, you receive 3 x the face value of your Tesco Clubcard vouchers when you redeem them at Goldsmiths.

As Goldsmiths is generally ‘firm’ on its pricing (most jewellery manufacturers discourage discounting to the extent possible by law) it enhances the value of your points.

There are some restrictions:

You cannot redeem Tesco Clubcard points for Rolex watches

You can only use one converted Clubcard code per transaction, which means you cannot mix points from multiple accounts

You cannot use your tokens online – the product you want must be available instore (note that some online products are ‘online only’)

Sale products are excluded

Unofficially, some people have had trouble redeeming Tesco Clubcard vouchers for limited edition watches where stock has been heavily restricted

Apart from that, you can do whatever you like.  There is no cap on the points you can redeem at Goldsmiths and it is perfectly acceptable to pay 100% of the price with converted Tesco Clubcard vouchers.

Goldsmiths stores tend to vary in stock depending on what part of the country you are in.  The one at London Victoria has more high-end brands than usual, as do Bishopsgate and Canary Wharf in London.  TAG Heuer watches, for example, are only in selected stores.

There are 700 reviews on the Tesco Clubcard / Goldsmiths webpage and almost all are very positive.  If you are looking to use your Clubcard vouchers for a genuinely good deal it is well worth a look.

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  1. Peter Cashen says

    Although you would expect Goldsmiths to be firm on pricing. I actually bought an Omega watch in there. Paid £2150 rather than £2850… Simply by asking for discount!!

  2. Discounted Goldsmiths gift cards are usually available via different employees schemes cashback cards. 20-25% off, and you also need to factor in the opportunity cost of different other redemption options (or of buying the same watch cheaper from another place – all stores that offer 20% off their gift cards are normally at least 40% more expensive on average than other stores). Of course, bargains are still possible, but this definitely isn’t a genuine good deal the majority of times.

  3. Haven’t redeemed for Hilton yet, but am planning to. I think I read that the tesco bookings earn HH points. So with the current promotion and status bonus you would get about 50% of your clubcard voucher face value back as HH points. Shame it’s only available on UK hiltons.

  4. Ive got my eye on a £7000 bretling watch lol…ive saved £700 worth of clubcard vouchers so far which is worth £2100. My aim is to save at least £1000 worth of clubcard vouchers which equates to £3000 worth at goldsmiths so ill keep you guys posted on how i get on. Also note in the past goldsmiths has done 4x value of clubcard vouchers so £10 would be worth £40 so heres hoping to them bringing back that offer.

    • Watch out for the security checks on that amount of vouchers. They don’t security check redemption of vouchers of £495 or below. If you worried about anything “not in the spirit” of the scheme like multiple buying of items for bonus points in your account then best to keep to that amount or below. Call your local GS to check they will accept more than one voucher from Clubcard.

      • You can use more than one voucher, I have used mine and two more without any problems even in different names. I have bought 4 luxury watches this way without any problems. You just can’t use them on Rolex anymore or Tag Connected. I have even managed to get a sale item with CC vouchers and another time using a gift card + CC vouchers so just depends on the member of staff.

        • Not in every store I have read, the clubcard terms state one voucher only so only needs a jobsworth to read the terms and not allow more than one to be used in one transaction.
          Still best to call up first just to make sure.

  5. You can use your points to have your Rolex serviced at goldsmiths. Even if you were paying cash, they are pretty competitive, so paying by CC is a real bonus

  6. For the Hilton deal, can you part pay with credit card or do you need sufficient CC vouchers for the whole booking?

    • Yes:

      “Please note that your booking will need to be secured by a credit/debit card at time of booking; no charge will be made to your card if you are paying the total amount in E-codes, however any remaining payment will be taken on check-out.”

  7. Completely off-topic, Rob and Anika, but Caffe Nero/Nectar have brought back the special offer for redeeming Nectar points for a hot drink of any size – 100 points per drink this time, so not as good as last time, but still a great deal at the equivalent of 50p! Might be worth an article on here…

  8. The goldsmiths in Reading is very good, they always have plenty of choice on all watches. I got my Tag there in November

  9. So, my understanding is that this is excellent value because it is subsidised by both Tesco and Goldsmiths. Someone mentioned that it used to be 4x face value, which is true, but that will never come back, as it was Tesco who pulled the offer, not Goldsmiths (who loved it)

    The trick to making this work is knowing that Goldsmiths staff are incentivised on cash upsell over and above the value of vouchers used. So £3000 of vouchers are more likely to be accepted if you’re buying a £7000 Tag, than £2900 worth of Mont Blancs – in which case the Ts & Cs are much more likely to be invoked

    Hope that helps….

    • The real reason it works well is that the big brands don’t like price competition so, for branded stuff, you pay the same as you would elsewhere. Your resale value is also underpinned on branded goods – this is less so with own brand Goldsmiths items.

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