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My favourite Tesco Clubcard redemptions: why I use my vouchers at Safestore!

Today I am looking at why Safestore is one of my preferred Tesco Clubcard redemptions.

If you’ve looked at our list of Clubcard redemptions ranked by the multiple of face value you receive, you will see that it comes with a caveat.

Not all Clubcard redemptions are as good as they seem.

Let’s take Pizza Express as an example.  In theory, you receive 4 x the face value of your Clubcard vouchers when you redeem for Pizza Express meals.  In reality, you may receive less because – at least midweek – Pizza Express often has voucher codes or email deals available which cannot be combined with Tesco vouchers.

Similarly, when I looked at redeeming Tesco vouchers for Hilton hotels, you may remember that you need to pay the ‘cancellable’ price with your Clubcard vouchers – even though your stay is not refundable.

In this new occasional series, I will be taking a look at my pick of the best Clubcard redemptions in terms of getting a genuine bargain. 

The first article looked at Goldsmiths (click here to read).  Today I am looking at Safestore.


Here is the Tesco / Safestore home page.

If there is a less glamorous Clubcard redemption than Safestore then I would be surprised.  This shouldn’t blind you to the value it offers.

We have a huge pile of stuff in a Safestore in South London which simply does not fit in our house.  It costs us a lot of money as well, albeit it costs a lot less than a bigger house! We only keep the stuff because, as some point, we assume that we will move and finally get it all back into use.

Safestore runs many promotional deals which get you big savings for your first couple of months.  After that, however, you’re on your own and paying whatever rate you agreed.

You can pay your Safestore bill with Tesco Clubcard vouchers and receive 300% of their face value.  They are happy for you to pay your entire bill with vouchers – I have done it numerous times.  (Apparently there are only two people – I am one of them – at my branch who do this.)

There is no small print.  Whatever deal you have negotiated is immaterial.  They will accept your vouchers.

You may end up paying cash for the first month because you won’t know the exact amount.  What usually happens is that you pay the first month on your credit card when you sign up.  Safestore will then email you an invoice monthly / quarterly / annually (whatever you want) 2-3 weeks before future payments are due.  This gives you enough time to order exactly enough Clubcard tokens to cover it.

The maths works for me:

This is a bill I have to pay in cash if I don’t use Tesco vouchers

I get a full 3 x face value for my Clubcard points

My Safestore contract was already in place before I started using vouchers – they are not charging me an inflated price

Every £100 of Clubcard vouchers got me £300 off my Safestore bill.  And, of course, I get to free up some ‘real’ cash which I would otherwise have to find, which is always useful.  This is why I rate Safestore as one of the best Tesco Clubcard redemptions.

You can find out more on the Tesco / Safestore home page.

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