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1000 extra Clubcard points on all Dyson products – but only until Wednesday

One thing I’ve realised over the last couple of months is that Tesco’s prices go up and down and extra Clubcard points often try to compensate for the price differences.

In early March Tesco Direct was giving 1000 extra Clubcard points and £20-£100 off when buying Dyson vacuum cleaners and fan/humidifiers. Now the deal has returned – but it’s not quite the same when you look closely.

You get 1000 extra Clubcard points on Dyson products until 6th April.

Some of these products have also been reduced in price by between £20 and £130, but not all of them.

The Dyson deals I don’t like ….

Let’s get the rubbish out of the way first.  The Dyson DC54 Multi-Floor Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner had a £100 discount and came with 1000 extra Clubcard points until 8th March.  Now the price has gone back up to £419 which is substantially more than Amazon.

DC54 Multi Floor Cylinder

The Dyson AM10 humidifier has also gone up in price and costs now £499. As Amazon has got the humidifier for £420, there is definitely no reason to purchase this vacuum cleaner from Tesco Direct despite the Clubcard points.


In March the Dyson AM06 desktop fan was on offer for £229 with 1000 extra Clubcard points. Now the fan’s price has gone up to £249 and, as Amazon is selling it for £224, this isn’t a good deal any longer.

This doesn’t look to great for Tesco Direct so far – but there are actually some hoovers which look like good deals.

The Dyson deals I like …..

The Dyson DC54 Animal Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner was £359 and has been reduced to £339 and comes with 1000 extra Clubcard points.

DC54 Animal

The Dyson DC40 multi-floor upright cleaner costs £199 (£10 less than on Amazon) and comes with 1000 extra Clubcard points. Make sure that you choose the Tesco version when ordering to get the extra Clubcard points, as Tesco partner Hughes is selling the hoover 1p cheaper and is therefore the pre selected buying choice.


Once again we learn not to be blinded by extra Clubcard points but also to look closer in order to notice a good Tesco deal hidden within rubbish deals.

If you want to buy any of the Dyson products and grab 1000 extra Clubcard points, make sure you order by 6th April (Wednesday).  You can find details of all the Dyson products on offer by clicking here.

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  1. I just “bagged” a DC40 and it gave me 3199 points 🙂

  2. Yeah it looks like there is 3000 bonus points on selected Dyson products.

  3. Could be some value to buying and ebaying here

  4. They appear to have added a new promotion, offering 2,000 CC points for buying a Dyson product. But they’ve run it alongside the existing 1,000 CC offer. So until Wednesday, you get 3,000 points, following which it’ll drop down to 2,000 until 20th April, when that’ll fall away.

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