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1000 extra Clubcard points with Beats by Dr Dre headphones are back

Back in January Tesco Direct had a great extra Clubcard points promotion with Beats by Dr Dre headphones. The cheapest were £79 and all came with 1000 extra Clubcard points.

Now there is a new offer.  Until 14th April Tesco Direct is giving 1000 or 500 extra Clubcard points with all Beats by Dr Dre headphones.

Today I will look at the 1000 Clubcard points products and tomorrow the 500.

First of all I did a quick Amazon price check and found that, though some colours were cheaper over there, most of the headphones are still a good deal at Tesco Direct.

The Beats Solo 2 on-ear headphones for example come in 6 different colours. Tesco Direct has got all of them for £135. Amazon is selling the grey and red headphones for £135, the blue and white for £115 and the pink and black versions for £107. Keeping in mind that 1000 Clubcard points can be exchanged at 3x face value and turn into £30 even the blue and pink ones are just about justified when in need of extra Clubcard points.

Beats_Solo_2_Blue 1000 extra Clubcard points

The Beats Solo 2 Luxe edition in red and blue cost £139 at Tesco and £129 on Amazon. As this is a difference of just £10, the 1 x face value of 1000 Clubcard points, it’s still a good deal.

beats 2 solo luxe 1000 extra clubcard points

The Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats 2 Active Collection Wireless In-Ear Headphones in siren red have been reduced by £20 since the last promotion and cost now £149. However Amazon has also gone down with the price and is selling them for £117. I reckon Tesco should have gone a bit further down with the price or added more Clubcard points.

powerbeats 2 wireless red

As always you can find the whole list of headphones on the Tesco website. The 1000 extra Clubcard points will be added if you order before 14th April.

Tomorrow I will take a look at the pick of the ‘500 bonus points’ selection.

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  1. Troll Basher says

    Word to the less wise:
    Do not buy these with the intention of flipping them on eBay.
    Due to the high turnover of fakes, eBay are blocking the sale of Beats unless they are are from major retailers.
    Once bitten, twice shy… :-/

    • Valuable piece of advice. Thanks!

      I was in the market for some new headphones anyway, so this looks like quite a good option. Once Ive done a thorough scan of independent reviews!

      • Duncan Stevenson-Price says

        I have the Beats Studio Wireless which (when I bought them) were the best bluetooth headphones you could buy (there weren’t many at the time). That was a year or so ago, but despite the poor perception that Beats tend to get from the audiophile community, I think they sound pretty great. I’ve also got some Shure IEMs and, while a different sound, I don’t think the Beats set are bad at all.

  2. I was confused by the wireless headphones having wires! I get now that they mean they are wirelessly connected to the device!!

    Not being familiar with the headphones market is my excuse 🙂

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