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LAST DAY: 200 Clubcard points with HP printer inks now from just £7.45 – easy to eBay!

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY to take advantage of the current generous Tesco Direct offer on HP printer ink cartridges.  This is not as good as the offer on Tesco own-brand cartridges last month but it may well be worth a look and I wanted to give it another push before it is too late.

You will receive 200 Clubcard points with every HP ink cartridge you buy before tonight, Sunday 10th April.

The Tesco Direct home page for the cartridges is here.   Stock seems pretty good at the time of writing last night.

HP 364 ink

These cartridges start at £7.45 each.  It used to be £8, but the HP 364 Photo Original has been reduced in price from £8 to £7.45 since this offer started – and still comes with 200 bonus points!

If you have a HP printer then you don’t need to read on.  This is a great deal for you and you should head over to the HP Tesco Direct page and stock up on as many cartridges as you need for the next few months.

For everyone else, it depends on what you would do with the ink cartridges.

Assuming that you would redeem your Clubcard points for one of the better deals at 3 x face value, such as Goldsmiths, this is clearly a non-starter if you would only throw the cartridges in the bin.  You are spending at least £7.45 to receive (3 x 200 points =) £6 of Clubcard Boost value.

If you are prepared to get involved in a bit of eBay reselling, on the other hand, it could look more interesting.

Let’s assume that you sell the £7.45 cartridges for £4 each on eBay, net of all costs (postage, Paypal, eBay fees etc).  You should obviously do some research first to see which ones fetch the highest prices and seem to sell quickly.

On that basis, you are paying £3.45 net per cartridge.  Assuming you are using your 200 Clubcard points for a ‘3 x’ Boost deal, you would be making a 50% return on your money – although you are investing your time.  If you used your 200 points for 480 Avios points or 500 Virgin Flying Club frequent flyer miles, you would be paying 0.72p per mile which is OK.

The closing date for this offer is tonight, Sunday 10th April, so jump in now if you are interested.

Remember that you need to spend £30 for free ‘click and collect’ delivery.

You can find out more at this page of Tesco Direct.

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  1. Stock may look good but they have repeatedly cancelled my orders saying ‘sorry – we cannot fulfil your delivery’.

    Have tried using my wife’s account and same problem.

    I have even tried after receiving ‘back in stock’ alerts from them and encounter the same problem.

    I really need more HP364 black ink but for some reason they won’t sell it to me…

  2. I have the same problem, the ink appears on the web site for sale with points. I have ordered three times over 10 days to allow for stock replacement, the order gets through- then you get the email saying they cannot supply it.
    Its simply a matter of removing out of stock items from there web site surely?

  3. Seems a lot of hassle for so little points now days, If I was having a bad qtr, might get involved, already maxed out, so is my alias.
    Hows everyones QTR going, Ive done well on:
    – Giftcards (Great to use as company incentives)
    – XBOX
    – Dyson (Managed to get the 3000 pts)

  4. I have only manage to receive one lot of ink, I also keep getting orders cancelled. It is a nuisance because I need black HP ink desperately!

  5. Well just tried to order the HP364 ink cartridges 8 of them,, Black, Cyan , Magneta, and Yellow out ot stock. Very annoying, especially when the Tesco Website is saying instock.

    Having said that I have had a good quarter so far and managed to get 3000 points on dyson, almost maxed out !!! just need another 1500 points this quarter

    • How do you manage to max out? I have about £110 and wife £60 but we never get close to £300 each.

      • TGLoyalty says

        Imagine Tesco sell gift cards for nearly everywhere they shop

        I’ll hit Atleast £100 this qtr but can’t see that happening again, i mean even if I buy a Dyson in a qtr that’s me sorted for a vacuum for years.

        Personally see very few point deals on food / general consumables which I would eat / use to keep my earnings high overall. Shame Nectar isn’t a miles partner as I find they have many more general bonus offers which sway me to buy things which I can actually use/eat while collecting a few more points.

  6. I have just ordered 301 colour and black high yield again, lets see how long before email says it is cancelled.

  7. Anyone know how/where you can recycle these cartridges once used?

    Not to gain points, but just to be a little bit less bad to the earth!

  8. Well had email the black ink is cancelled but colour is still ok…for now lol

  9. Unfortunately the cartridges, HP950 & HP951, I want for HP Officejet Pro 8620 aren’t included in this promotion.

  10. The money you lose on selling these inks at ebay prices is not worth 200 points if you can even get the inks.

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