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Get 15% off selected gift cards at Tesco – and 150 Clubcard points per £50 spent

Here is another Tesco gift card offer (the frequency of these offers makes me think it’s probably not worth paying the full price ever!).  As usual, you will also earn bonus Clubcard points if you spend £50.

This time there are three cards included in the 15% off’ offer which is running both online and in store:

  • Facebook £20 (gift card)
  • iTunes £25 (gift card and digital)
  • Pizza Express £20 (gift card and digital)

gift cards 15 off 24th april

Even though I do use Facebook I am not quite sure why I would need £20 to spend on it, but iTunes cards are always great and who doesn’t love pizza?

As always, you will also receive 150 Clubcard points when you spend £50 on gift cards. This offer has been running for a few years now and shows no signs of ending, even though it is rarely promoted in stores. It does not onclude Tesco own-brand gift cards like F+F and other Tesco brands.

How does this offer work?

You need to spend £50 after deducting the saving – that means for example buying two £25 iTunes cards won’t get you the 150 Clubcard points as they’d only cost £42.50 after deducting 15%

You do not receive base Clubcard points on gift card purchases – if you spend under £50, you won’t receive any Clubcard points at all.

You will receive 150 points per £50, so a £100 purchase will earn you 300 Clubcard points

If you buy in-store, the 150 free points are added at check-out. If you order online, the points do not show on your receipt but will be added a few weeks later.

The offer runs until 24th April.

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  1. Could the Facebook vouchers be used for advertising campaigns on the site? – I very briefly promoted one of my posts and I think it cost in the region of 17p for a couple of thousand impressions…

  2. The_Real_A says

    Im told that you can also pay to play candy crush or some equivalent.

  3. I wish they’d do it on useful vouchers, eg google play (if itunes why not?), amazon, argos even!

    • Alan Robertson says

      Agree – I’d never even dream of spending money on FB and don’t have an iOS device – those other ones would be much more useful!

      • If I could settle advertising bills it would be interesting but I am pretty sure it wouldn’t work, unfortunately. Mainly good for Farmville and the like I think.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever seen Amazon gift cards on sale at Tesco. It would be great if they did sell them. I’d love to see Starbucks & Nandos on a price promotion as I do buy them on a regular basis.

      I’ve often wondered why they don’t sell Giraffe gift cards – seeing as it’s a business they own, selling gift cards could mean more customers for Giraffe.

      What other useful gift cards would you like to see on sale at Tesco? Perhaps we could encourage Tesco to extend their range.

      • We seem to spend a fortune at John Lewis so that would be good – unlikely for obvious reasons, however.

  4. I still use android depite dithering recenly, have never used facebook in my life, and I don’t eat cheese … I must be on a different evolutionary track from most!

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