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500 FREE Clubcard points for joining TopCashback!

Until 9th May, you can get 500 Tesco Clubcard points for FREE – simply by joining cashback site TopCashback via a referral link.  This is a great opportunity to pick up some easy points.

Before I explain the deal, let me explain a little more about TopCashback.

TopCashback is a site which allows you to earn a small amount of cashback from your day to day shopping by clicking through to participating online shops from its site.

It is very similar to Quidco if you are a member of that site.  Nectar also has links to many shops on its site which work on a similar basis, except that you earn Nectar points instead of cash.

If you current use Quidco or another shopping rewards site, you should consider moving across to TopCashback instead.  Let me explain why.


Convert your cashback to Clubcard!

What makes TopCashback unique among cashback sites is that it allows you to pay your cashback directly into your Tesco Clubcard account.

Being able to collect Clubcard points from TopCashback makes it far better than a site such as Quidco:

£10 of cashback earned at Quidco earns you £10

£10 of cashback earned at TopCashback earns you £10 paid into your Tesco Clubcard account. That gives you 1,000 Clubcard points. These are worth up to £30 or potentially more in Clubcard Boost deals.

You can transfer up to £50 of cashback per year from TopCashback to Clubcard (a year runs from the date of your first Tesco transfer, not the calendar year or from the date you joined). This means that you can earn up to £150 in Clubcard Boost deals per year this way!  

Once you hit the £50 annual cap on conversions to Clubcard, you can either take your earnings as cash or hold them back until your membership anniversary comes around and the £50 cap resets to zero.

How to join TopCashback

You can join TopCashback by using this link.

Until 10am on 9th May – when you use our referral link – you will receive 500 bonus Tesco points!

If you sign up using the general link on the TCB website then you will not receive a bonus.

There are two membership levels at TopCashback – a FREE version and a £5 annual fee version. The £5 level pays slightly higher cashback and has improved customer service if you have any problems.  To be honest, I would start at the free level and only upgrade when you have decided that you like the site.

We also receive a bonus for referring you which helps keep Shopper Points ticking over.

You will NOT see this offer advertised on the TopCashback site.  However, it is discussed on their blog here.  You will definitely get your points as long as you use a refer-a-friend link to join.

How do I receive my 500 Clubcard points?

The way this works is a little complex.  You need to earn £10 in cashback before you receive the 500 points but there is NO TIME LIMIT on this.

Once you have earned £10 commission, £5 will be placed in your TopCashback account.  This can ONLY be withdrawn into Tesco – getting you 500 Clubcard points – and you will not be allowed to take it as cash into your bank account.

What next?

If you are not already a TopCashback member, you should open a TopCashback account now and use it as the starting point for your day-to-day online shopping.

If you are already a member, consider referring your partner or adult children.  Do not open a second account for yourself as that is against TCB rules.

You can start earning cashback (and thus Clubcard points) immediately through some of their ‘free money’ offers.  For example, GoCompare pays you £2 just for getting a free home insurance quote. pays £2.40 for getting a free car insurance quote.

If you are collecting Clubcard points (and if you are reading this, you probably are!) then having a TopCashback account is a no-brainer in my view.


This is a great deal and if you are not already a TCB member it is well worth jumping in.  If you currently use Quidco then you should move across to TCB, at least until you have earned enough to trigger the 500 points bonus.

As there is no time limit on earning the cashback there is no reason to delay.  Our referral link is here.

The deadline to sign up and receive the 500 Clubcard points is 9th May.

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  1. A couple of points not mentioned in the article
    – Some cashback cannot be converted to ClubCard points – generally cashback earned from financial services
    – Yes, you can earn Nectar points in the same way. But Nectar earnings are mean in comparison. For example at Currys, you earn 2 nectar points per £1 (worth 1% at the usual redemption rate). TCB (and Quidco) offer up to 3% – and even more on selected brands. It might not sound much but it mounts up.

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