TODAY ONLY Tesco giftcard flash sale: 20% off Debenhams, iTunes, Pizza Express

Tesco is running an ‘online only’ gift card flash sale today.  This is only valid on digital gift cards which are emailed to you.

The key retailer taking part today is Debenhams where you will receive 20% off.  Given that gift cards have long life spans (the Debenhams cards do not expire until two years after they were last used) you shouldn’t have any trouble working through your voucher over the coming months.

The other two offers, iTunes and Pizza Express, are old favourites as far as discounts go.  The exact cards on offer are:

  • Debenhams £25 (digital card only)
  • iTunes £30 (digital card only)
  • Pizza Express £25 (digital card only)

You CAN use the Debenhams electronic gift cards in a store – you are not stuck with redeeming them online.  You simply show the number at the till and they can type it in.

Gift cards

As always, you will also receive 150 Clubcard points when you spend £50 on gift cards. This offer has been running for a few years now and shows no signs of ending, even though it is rarely promoted in stores. It does not onclude Tesco own-brand gift cards like F+F and other Tesco brands.

How does the bonus Clubcard points offer work?

You need to spend £50 after deducting the saving – that means for example buying two £25 Debenhams cards won’t get you the 150 Clubcard points as they’d only cost £40 after deducting 20%

You do not receive base Clubcard points on gift card purchases – if you spend under £50, you won’t receive any Clubcard points at all.

You will receive 150 points per £50, so a £100 purchase will earn you 300 Clubcard points

In general, if you buy in-store, the 150 free points are added at check-out.  This offer is online only, however. When you order online, the points do not show on your receipt but will be added a few weeks later.

This offer runs for TODAY (Friday) only at the online giftcard shop here.

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  1. I’m sure I read the Tesco Karcher article online this morning…

    Anyway – any idea Rob / Anika whether the Debenhams digital gift codes can be amalgamated onto one code in store? Only one code can be used online (i.e. in this case £25) and I rarely shop in store.

    • Will Squires says

      I’d be interested to know too. Also, how quickly are the codes dispatched/activated? If I go for a trip to Meadowhall this afternoon and see if there’s anything I want can I buy the codes while sat in the cafe and head straight to the tills?

      • It says “Your order will be dispatched same day, unless placed after 3pm or on a weekend, in which case it will be dispatched next working day. Please be aware that Digital Gift Cards will take up to 12 hours to arrive.”

        I’m still waiting after 15mins.

  2. It won’t allow me to purchase 5x £25 Debenhams gift cards in a single transaction (to achieve £100 spend).

    Anyone else having this problem?

    • To answer my own question, there is a £100 spend limit per day per account.

      What a poorly researched article!

  3. Little confused about this; the article states that it’s an ‘online only’ sale, but goes on to say “If you buy in-store, the 150 free points are added at check-out”.

    Also, it says “only at the online giftcard shop here”, but the online giftcard store doesn’t have any field (that I can see) to enter a clubcard number (because giftcard purchases don’t normally earn clubcard points) – so how do we collect the clubcard points?

    • Sorry, this article was written quickly this morning – the ‘buy in-store’ was a cut and paste error from an old gift card article. Now fixed. After being emailed to 1,700 people …!

      Tesco matches up your details with your Clubcard account. This does work OK but takes a little longer than if you had bought in store.

  4. From what I’ve tried I can only purchase up to 3 digital discounted gift cards at £60 total (worth £75). I guess that will still give me the extra150 points.

  5. Good luck trying to pay online
    They don’t accept AMEX and they never authorise my Tesco Mastercard !

  6. Utterley useless awkward site to use not user friendly won’t accept Amex/ MasterCard declined twice/ used visa debit wouldn’t recognise exp date totally waste of time gutted and angry

    • Sounds like in order to save my sanity I better just walk into a Tesco store and get the gift cards and bag the 150 points. And that is it. No 20% off but still, the extra points will do nicely.

      And at the moment I’m working towards the Amex sign up bonus spend so them not taking Amex online is not helpful.

  7. A clumsy website indeed. I don’t care about them not taking Amex, but I tried 2x Visa debit cards and 2x MasterCard debit cards, and all 4 were rejected. Pathetic.

  8. Has anyone had their debenhams codes yet? I ordered about 10 o’clock last night £75 worth still nothing yet. Phone lines are closed too so cant call to find out. Frustrating excercise this was. Couldn’t order 5 cards to make total of £100. The most anyone could get out of this was 150 points for >£50 spend noway to achieving more..

    • Same boat. Amazing that Tesco put their name to such a shoddy website.

      • No email arrived for me too – have either of you had any luck yet?

        • Still nothing yet. Might have to wait for the working week to start again so a human can do the job that a computer should really be doing.

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