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Very good eBay offer for getting 1p per Nectar point (widely targetted)

On a normal day, turning your Nectar points into eBay credit isn’t worth the bother.  You only receive the standard 0.5p per point.  You are better off getting one of the premium Nectar deals which is worth more (scroll to the bottom of that page to see them) or cashing out at a Sainsburys till, which is quicker and easier.

Until the 27th April, on the other hand, eBay looks a lot more interesting.

Not everyone can get this deal unfortunately.  Go to the Nectar website, log in and visit My Bonus Offers.  Alternatively, open the Nectar app and click on ‘Offers’.

If you have not already linked your Nectar account to your eBay account, the first thing to do is visit this page and set it up.  You will need to log in to eBay before being redirected.

Ebay Nectar

If your luck is in, you will be told that if you cash in up to 5,000 of your Nectar points for eBay credit by the 27th April, you will get a 50% rebate of the points back into your Nectar account.

This sounds more complicated than it really is, or needs to be.

Once you have registered with Nectar, visit the Nectar page on eBay which is here.

If you have 5,000 Nectar points and convert those to eBay before 27th April (assuming you are targetted for the offer) you would receive £25 of credit.  That is the standard 0.5p per point.

However, Nectar will refund you back 2,500 points (50%).

You have therefore only used 2,500 points for your £25 of eBay credit which means 1p per Nectar point!  That is as good as it ever gets.  Given that you can buy pretty much anything on eBay – I normally stock up on supermarket gift cards when this sort of deal appears – there is very little reason not to empty out your Nectar account up the maximum 5,000 points.  You will be getting half of the points back anyway!

The eBay credit is valid for one year.  I transferred 2,500 Nectar points yesterday and my eBay account shows a £12.50 voucher expiring in April 2017.  I will receive 1,250 Nectar points back into my Nectar account within 28 days.  I am happy to get 1p per Nectar point this way.

The full terms and conditions for earning and spending Nectar points with eBay can be found here.

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  1. Rob how do you buy supermarket gift cards on eBay? Are you just buying second hand cards and hoping the value is genuine?

  2. There’s an amazon giftcard now on ebay as we speak…

  3. This is really easy to do, took me less than a minute!! I did the maximum as I am currently nectar rich but sadly avios very very poor – wish they could be converted to avios 🙁

  4. TGLoyalty says

    Nice, a promo I can actually use. as above shame you can’t use for miles as I have lots of Nectar

  5. Hi,

    Has anyone had their 2500 points back yet? I know it said 28 days but normally nectar are pretty quick so just curious.


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