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Last ever Clubcard Boost coming! 200% of face value redemptions guaranteed.

Last Friday Rob wrote about possible changes to how you spend your Clubcard points. Tesco is apparently proposing to give you immediate access to your Clubcard points instead of sending out quarterly paper vouchers, making Clubcard more similar to Boots Advantage Card and Nectar.  If and when these changes will happen hasn’t been communicated yet.

However one thing that is changing for sure and pretty soon is the Clubcard Boost event:  the next Boost period, which will be from 16th May until 26th June, will be the last Clubcard Boost event ever.

last ever clubcard boost tesco

Clubcard Boost is/was Tesco’s way of making it more attractive to exchange Clubcard points directly at Tesco instead of its partners.  You receive DOUBLE the face value when redeeming your vouchers during this period.

As well as using them for selected items in-store, Boost vouchers can be spent on most things on Tesco Direct.  You could, for example, get a cooker or washing machine for half price. Printers and TVs however are not included – the days when you get yourself an iPad on Clubcard Boost are long gone – although apparently the iPod will still be included!

The full list of what will be included in this deal and what will not is quite long and can be found on the Tesco website. On Tesco Direct, Tesco partner sellers are not included and fashion is only available in store.

As this is the last ever Clubcard Boost event, it is worth having a look at the categories now and to decide whether to use your Clubcard vouchers this time.  You could also wait for Tesco to release information about the changes to Clubcard and hope they will come up with an even better way of rewarding you for collecting Clubcard points.

Tesco Clubcard

For those who have chosen the Christmas Saver option, it is important to know that if you want to use your Clubcard vouchers in this last Clubcard Boost, you need to opt out of the Christmas Saver option by 5th May.

Tesco claims that the Christmas Saver will still be a great way of getting a little help with the Christmas shopping.  However, as there won’t be a Christmas Clubcard Boost event, the savings will certainly be less than last year.

For those who are not familiar with Christmas Saver, this is/was a great way of saving up your Clubcard vouchers throughout the year with the option of topping them up with money. Depending on how much you top up, Tesco is adding to the overall sum:

£25 top up = £1.50 bonus
£50 top up = £3 bonus
£100 top up = £6 bonus
£200 top up = £12 bonus

Let’s see what ideas Tesco is coming up with for the future of Tesco Clubcard. For now note the 16th May in your diary for the beginning of the last ever Clubcard Boost event.

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  1. Tip – if Xmas boost is still on this year, deadline to sign up is 18 Oct. Sign up, put in £200 to earn the max £12 bonus earning 6% in a few weeks for minimal capital tie up – great AER.

  2. This latest move by T makes me wonder what their long term strategy is. I think thousands of loyal customers look forward to the boost events and save their vouchers up to use when these arrive.
    Personally I think they will lose a lot of custom to other cheaper supermarkets out there from doing this.

  3. Gosh Typical !!! I currently have 7799 Tesco points and now Tesco’s last boost is from the 16th of May – 26th June and my last collection period is on the 5th May.
    I auto convert to collect flying club miles. Is there any way I can stop this to benefit .

  4. Ok I guess this is it for me. Gonna blow all my £250 vouchers during this boost then forget Tesco. We have moved house and morrisons is closer and nicer anyway.

    I bought a tv in the boost last time so it sucks they’ve removed them

    • Singing Dwarf says

      Why, in a habit of changing your TV every six months? 😉

    • Oliver your £250 would convert into 60,000 Avios airmiles. Used correctly, you could get 2 return flights to AbuDabi from London for 50,000 plus £102 total. (Using etihad) check out the story on Headforpoints on this last week. You could also use them for 2 return flights from Dublin to Boston for around £150 in taxes total

  5. Its only the in store and Tesco Direct, the x 3 on the Clubcard site will still stand. How long this will continue who knows? I only convert my vouchers when there is a good conversion on for Avios/Virgin. If they stopped those then Topcashback would loose its sparkle for me.

    I personally think Tesco are missing a trick with trying to compete with the cheaper retailers on prices and forgetting their core customers with Clubcards!

  6. On a slightly brighter note, the official letter received today states more interesting ways coming soon for collecting clubcard points and partners – bring it on! ☺

  7. How valuable is to exchange clubcard for avios? Is the current offer a good-enough deal, or is it better to use points elsewhere?

    • It depends on what you’re after, Joe. I save up Tesco vouchers and then exchange them for avios when the bonuses are on (last one just before Xmas). For me, it’s a great way to get value out of my points and enables my wife and I to fly business class.

      • Ah, that makes it kore interesting- I didn’t know about that bonus for avios. how does it work? I currently have auto- redemption voucher for avios, which probably prevents me from using those bonuses…

        • Save your vouchers (don’t autoconvert). The last bonus to BA Exec Club in Nov was an extra 20% avios. So the 2.4 avios per Clubcard point effectively became 2.88. It was limited to £100 but multiple £100 batches of vouchers worked for multiple bonuses. No idea when the next bonus might be though.

          • Yes, auto-convert makes no sense. There is even the chance that a really good deal launches with a totally different partner altogether, perhaps not even travel related. As Tesco points convert within 24 hours anyway there is no risk in keeping the vouchers in your desk.

            • Thanks for the tips. I chose auto-convert because i had some tesco vouchers expired previously , which felt awful 🙁 will be more watchful now!!

            • Sometimes there is a bonus offered if you autoconvert, in which case it does make sense

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