Amex FX Offer

Spend up to £15 at Starbucks with Amex and get up to £5 back

Even though we live in the country famous for its tea-time, most of us do appreciate a cup of freshly brewed coffee (or don’t function without it) and American Express has teamed up with Starbucks to help us justify our coffee intake.

Until 19th June American Express will give you a statement credit of £1 when you spend £3 or more at Starbucks and the best thing is, you can use this offer up to 5 times.

save £1 per £3 with AMEX and Starbucks

In order to enjoy this offer, you do need to have an American Express credit or charge card which is directly issued by Amex itself.  Log in to your account and save the offer to your card by simply following the link on this website.  Supplementary cards can be registered separately.

The offer is also available on Starbucks Card top ups, which is a great way of spending now and benefiting from this offer at a later point.

To be honest, it isn’t fully clear how the offer works.  The maximum amount you can get back is £5.  However, the picture above says you get £1 back when you spend £3 or more.  This means it would take 5 visits, spending £3+ each time, to get the full £5 back.

If you look at the rules, on the other hand, it says you get “a £1 statement credit for each £3 of spend” which implies that a £15 spend in one visit would trigger £5 back.

I am stumped.  I will try it out and report back in a few days!

If you are interested in this offer, you should save it to your card rather sooner than later, as it is only valid for the first 75.000 who save it to their card.

Unfortunately American Express cards issued by Barclaycard, Lloyds Bank, MBNA and TSB do not qualify.  It must be a directly issued Amex card such as the American Express Nectar card.

To find out more, to add the offer to your card and to read the full T&Cs (perhaps you can make more sense of them than us!) visit the Starbucks website.

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  1. I just topped up my Starbucks card on the app by £10 (that’s the min it allows) and I’ve had the auto email from AMEX to confirm that the offer has been redeemed.

    • Good spot @mckol, I noticed my local airport Starbucks (Glasgow) wasn’t included in the offer – having read your post I too topped up my card with £15 and have received the email confirming redemption of the offer. As luck would have it, we fly out later and always stop by there for coffee and a sandwich …. thank you!

      • Please could you post another comment when you can see whether you’ve got £1 or £5 statement credit? – The offer in the app implies you should get £5 but the info on the link above suggests just £1

  2. “If you look at the rules, on the other hand, it says you get “a £1 statement credit for each £3 of spend” which implies that a £15 spend in one visit would trigger £5 back.”

    IMHO, it doesn’t imply that at all. It uses the word “each”, which, to me, implies something that is ‘separate’.

    It may well still trigger the £5 back, but I feel that the T&C are pretty clear with regards to “each”. 🙂

  3. RIccati says

    Its clear that its a credit of £1 per a spending transaction.

    enjoy a £1 statement credit when you spend £3 or more at participating Starbucks.

    You can use this Offer up to five times

  4. Robert Govier says

    You can do smaller top ups to your account than £10 in store, so if you could find a quiet store with friendly staff, they’d probably do 5 * £3 credits as 5 separate transactions for you. Whether this might trigger some kind of fraud warning is another matter!

  5. So I need to stand at the counter and top up my starbucks card with £3 for 5 transactions, while a queue builds up behind me? Wouldn’t it benefit everyone if I just did it once with £15?

    • Well, I’ve just done £10 via the app, and got the email from Amex – I’ll report back when the statement credit appears as to whether it’s £1 or £3…

      • The_Real_A says

        You will receive £1. All AMEX offers are per transaction

        • Some Amex offers have been cumulative – as this offer appears to be.

          So, as reported, 2 x £1.89 coffees = 1x statement credit £1

    • The_Real_A says

      The objective of the offer is to keep you going back into store over a number of days.

    • Will Squires says

      Given that Starbucks force you to split transactions when buying multiple drinks to get a star each time…!

  6. If you are going to the US, you can top up your Starbucks Card here in GBP and use it in the US. Starbucks use the Interbank exchange rate for FX transactions on Starbucks Card so you’re actually better off doing that than paying by credit card or FX cash when you’re there. And with this offer – even better!

    • Yeah. Found this pretty useful when we were in an airport on the way home and had exhausted our cash and didn’t want to get hit for FX fees! You can top it up from anywhere and if your account is in GBP it will still top up in GBP (it doesn’t do geo location or anything and switch to USD).

    • Equally, if you have leftover dollars (especially coins) and don’t intend to use them again or don’t have enough to bother converting back to pounds when you get home you can use them to top up your Starbucks card in USA before you leave & the money will be available in pounds when you get back home!

  7. Will Squires says

    A load of branches up north were franchised out last year and stopped accepting Amex. Some appear to have reverted since to accepting – have Starbucks forced the issue?

  8. It is cumulative, a HfP comment says 2 x £1.89 purchases today triggered an email on the 2nd.

    But if it is cumulative, why would a £15 spend not trigger £5?

    This is why it is confusing ……!

  9. Anybody know how to register a supplementary card?

    Thanking you in anticipation.

  10. Anyone know if I can top up through the app and get the credit, or do I have to go to the physical store and top up?

  11. Stuart Heap says

    Has anyone not received the email from AMEX after spending in a Starbucks branch? Does anyone know if some stores are not eligible? It worked for me in Starbucks Henley (email straight away) but hasn’t worked from two transactions in Starbucks Westfield.

    • I didn’t get an email but I did get the £5. That was in Central London where it clearly was a Starbucks owned store. I suppose there is a chance that Westfield is one of the odd franchised ones but they are mainly in airports and railway stations.

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