The Amex / Starbucks cashback deal – this is how it ACTUALLY works

A couple of days ago Anika wrote about a new cashback promotion offered by American Express when you use your Amex card at Starbucks.

In order to enjoy this offer, you do need to have an American Express credit or charge card which is directly issued by Amex itself.  Log in to your account and save the offer to your card by simply following the link on this website.

The problem was, it wasn’t clear exactly how the offer worked.

This is what the website says:

save £1 per £3 with AMEX and Starbucks

One thing is clear from the rules – the maximum amount you can get back is £5 per Amex card.

However, the picture above says you get £1 back when you spend £3 or more.  This means it would take 5 visits, spending £3+ each time, to get the full £5 back.

If you look at the rules, on the other hand, it says you get “a £1 statement credit for each £3 of spend” which implies that a £15 spend in one visit would trigger £5 back.

We now have some results from reader experiments – and it doesn’t quite work as I expected:

The words on the picture above are wrong.  You do NOT get £1 back when you spend £3 or more.

Instead, you get £1 back for EVERY £3 you spend, to a maximum of £5.  What this means is that a single top-up to your Starbucks card of £15 will trigger a £5 cashback on your Amex statement.

Here is the bit I didn’t expect.  The cashback is cumulative over different transactions.  If you spend £1.50 on Monday and £1.50 on Tuesday, the 2nd purchase (because you have hit £3 over two transactions) will trigger £1 of cashback.

This works out well for me.  I will add the offer to all of the American Express cards I have and I will do a £15 top-up to my Starbucks card with each.  That will mean a 33% discount on everything I buy for the next couple of months.

If you are interested in this offer, you should save it to your card rather sooner than later, as it is only valid for the first 75.000 who save it to their card.

You have until 19th June to make a purchase or top-up in Starbucks and earn the cashback.

Unfortunately American Express cards issued by Barclaycard, Lloyds Bank, MBNA and TSB do not qualify.  It must be a directly issued Amex card such as the American Express Nectar card.

To find out more, to add the offer to your card and to read the full T&Cs visit the Starbucks / Amex website.

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  1. If you top up via the app, does this trigger the offer or does top up have to be done in store?

  2. IIRC the reader involved reported that in-app topups were OK, yes?

    I’ve still got £40 credit from previous 50% offers. This one isn’t quite as good but will probably still do it at least once!

  3. I spent over the £3 a few days ago with the offer saved to my supp gold card but l have not received a statement credit or an email saying I had redeemed the offer.

  4. Also wondering do I have to go in store and top up my Starbucks card, paying with my BA Amex, or can I top up on the website or via the app using my BA Amex, and still get the cashback?

    • App seems to be fine based on reports although I have not tried that.

      • Michael says

        It tracked for me…except the Starbucks app will *not* accept my payment. So I got a tracking message for the offer and the payment on my Amex app, but Starbucks kept rejecting the payment.

  5. I don’t seem to have the offer on my BACK amex. The other two are fine

  6. So thankful for this post!! I’ve been hoping that someone would get to the bottom of it. Looks like I’ll be getting £75 of credit on my app for £50 – a much better deal than getting 150 clubcard points for buying £50 gift cards. Now, shops away doesn’t credit for Starbucks gift card top-ups, so I wonder if I can get some topcashback/quidco instead. Starbucks are doing a medium frappe + s’mores brownie combo for £4 this week; that’s me sorted.

  7. How do you register supplementary cards?

    thanking you in anticipation.

    • Em, hmm, seems you can’t, sorry. With these offers you normally can but it seems that, unless the supplementary is registered separately to an Amex account, it wont work. Have amended the text.

  8. Just did two top up from diff registered cards from the app for £15 each and received confirmation of offer redemption email straight away. Thanks,clas wondering when is be passing a sh and had the patience to do the 5x£3 transactions!

  9. Nick Burch says

    Did a single £15 topup last week, and got the full £5 back today! Statement shows

    28 May 2016 STARBUCKS MR xxxx -£5.00
    27 May 2016 STARBUCKS HITCHIN 49140 {placename} MR xxxx £15.00

    So, works well, even better than Amex wrote about it 🙂

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