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1000 extra Clubcard points with £30 Singer Handy Chest – back in stock

(Sorry, the chest had sold out by 7.30am this morning!  Hopefully it comes back into stock before the offer ends on the 16th.  The other Singer offers are still available.)

Hey Sewing Bees. Tesco Direct is still giving 1000 extra Clubcard points with Singer sewing machines, with a bit of luck you can win a professional sewing class AND the Singer Handy Chest for only £30 is back in stock.

I don’t know about you, but if something costs £30 AND comes with 1000 extra Clubcard points, I think it’s a no brainer. Even if you are not too much into sewing, you probably know someone who would love this Singer Handy Chest – birthday gift sorted.

Singer handy chest

If you do want to get a sewing machine with the chest, the cheapest is the Singer 8280 at £69. It’s a good beginners machine and advertised as being ‘£30 off’. Given that Amazon is asking £99, it seems a genuine discount. Add in 1000 Clubcard points as well and it looks like an impressive package.

singer 8280


The Singer 3210 simple sewing machine is also aimed at beginners, however it is more expensive at £150. A quick Amazon comparison showed me that you can actually get this machine for only £100 so this is NOT worth getting from Tesco.

Singer 3210 Simple Sewing Machine

You can find the whole list of products on the Tesco website. As the offer is on until 16th of June, there is a chance of the other more expensive machines being back in stock before that date.

Now what was that bit about winning a sewing class about?

singer sewing patrick grant

Singer is running a competition for everyone who buys a new Singer sewing machine from authorised UK stockists between 27th April and 31st July 2016. Simply visit Singer’s website, enter the details of your purchase and you’ve got the chance of winning a sewing workshop with Patrick Grant, the judge on Sewing Bee.

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  1. “Sorry, this product is currently unavailable”

  2. Out of stock when I enter into basket?

    • Looks like we wiped them out!

      So what do I do about the email which doesn’t go out until 10am?!

  3. Ah, missed it

  4. I got one as I was up early and saw it on HFP main site. I got my order confirmation at 05.48

  5. Yep same as Steve up early and got confirmation at 6.19am. Emails going out at 10am are no good for these promos, unless you get in there very early in morning they have all sold out.

  6. i ordered 20 coz i had a stock alert they emailed me on thursday to say it was back in stock. ordered 20 £600 for 20,000 bonus points lol will sell them all so effectively i got 20,000 for free ka ching!!

    • General Mayhem says

      Are you expecting applause?

      • no applause its a case of look at me and drool lol

        • Your going to sell them all are you for £30 each?
          Do you have a shop or market stall as they are not good sellers on ebay Etc?

          • if i cant sell them i will give them away as i still wont loose out coz of the bonus points

            • Depends what your using the points for? If using them at GS you will get back what you paid but nothing on top. 4 x boost deals, yes your in profit like Meals out.
              Good luck!

    • Well done you. Greedy.

    • Em £600 for 20000 points is a terrible deal

      • I agree but isn’t this on the same scale as the printer offer a few months back where it was stated why not throw them in the bin?

      • 20k cc > Avios @ 2.4x > 48k, nearly enough for a one way ba business class seat long haul to some destinations.

  7. Just something to keep in mind, a lot of boost deals are not genuine conversion rates, eg: pizza express always have Bogof deals on mains, drinks are not inc in boost vouchers. A lot of companies have inflated rates when using Tesco Vouchers.

    • This is good advice, even Goldsmiths have sales and you can often pick up similar from elsewhere for less. Even so, I did check the sewing pack but at 10.30 it was out of stock. I may have bought one or two. 20 is good going!

  8. First rule of thumb: Check to see if you can get the item cheaper elsewhere, GS are notorious for over pricing, then aquire gift cards to purchase, I use a company which gives 12% off GS gift cards.
    Pizza Express etc are regularly on 20% off on GC and include 150pts instore,you can pay for drinks using GC and tips which usually on 2 x people amounts to the price of one main course anyway.

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