Morrisons scrapping Fuel Saver on gift cards – earn more points (which are worth less) instead

Back in January Rob wrote about how to save on fuel by purchasing gift cards (for other shops!) at Morrisons.

This is how it works:

When you buy a gift card at a Morrisons supermarket, you receive a Fuel Saver voucher

Every £10 you spend on gift cards is worth 1p per litre off your next visit to a Morrisons petrol station

This means when buying a £100 on gift cards at Morrisons you would get 10p per litre off your next petrol station visit and save £5 on a 50 litre purchase.

This is comparable to Tesco where you get 300 Clubcard points when spending £100 on gift cards and therefore save £3 in-store but can potentially save £6-£9 via Clubcard Boost partners.   It depends if you drive a large car and whether you wanted a genuine cash saving via Morrisons rather than exchanging Clubcard vouchers for goods.

Morrisons Fuel Saver

However, things are about to change.

From 11th July Fuel Saver coupons will be scrapped and instead of saving money off your fuel when buying gift cards, you will earn 25 Morrisons More Points for every £1 you spend on gift card purchases of £10+.

A £10 gift card will give you 250 Morrisons points which is a cash value of just £0.25.   (You receive a £5 voucher for every 5000 points you earn, therefore the cash value of 1 point is £0.01).

These changes are good if Morrison is your go-to shop and you don’t drive – although you will be better off picking up gift cards at Tesco for the ‘150 Clubcard points per £50 spent’.  Morrisons arguably sells a wider range of gift cards however.

For those people who were buying large volumes of gift cards in Morrisons and getting substantial discounts on their petrol bills, this will be a big disappointment.

morrissons card save more money

For those who are not familiar with the Morrisons More card, here’s what the card is about:

  • Earn Morrisons More Points on fuel – 10 points per litre when you buy fuel at Morrisons
  • Earn 5 Morrisons More Points for every £1 you spend at Morrisons Café
  • Earn 5 Morrisons More Points for every £1 you spend online or in store at Flower Shop, Garden Centre and Pharmacy
  • Earn More Points on promotions in store and online at
  • Earn Extra More Points on coupons – personalised just for you
  • Get a £5 More Voucher for every 5,000 points you earn

You can learn more about Morrisons Fuel Saver – whilst it lasts – on its website.

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  1. Will Squires says

    “never pay full price for fuel again”.

  2. Still plenty of time to get a free tank of petrol, just load up your Amazon giftcard balance

  3. David Butcher says

    Always amazes me that when a company is reducing its benefits to consumers they always justify it (as Morrisons do in this case) but saying that “we have listened to our customers”.


    The new scheme is clearly far less attractive to all except those who don’t drive.

  4. I received my new card yesterday, along with a voucher for either a hot drink, or 100 points. That appear to be worth 10p…

  5. They have effectively reduced the savings down to £2.50 per £100 spent instead of a potential £10 per £100 spent if filling up with 100 litres of fuel (Yes I know not everyone will fill up this amount), even with filling up with 65 litres is an effective saving of £6.50 so a substantial reduction.

    Will look to buy a huge amount of gift cards on the 10th of July to stock up, the vouchers last for 63 days so over 2 months.

  6. Peter Milner says

    0/10 for this calculation!
    If what you say is correct then you would receive a £50 voucher for 5000 points (5000 x £0.01 = £50.00). The value of 1 point should be £0.001.
    Check this on a calculator.

    From your website..

    (You receive a £5 voucher for every 5000 points you earn, therefore the cash value of 1 point is £0.01).

    • Very true!

      Morrisons seem to want to confuse us by using large number of points so its look like they are actually worth something!

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