200 Clubcard points with HP printer ink from £8 (easy to eBay)

The ink is back! (Is it just me or does anyone else have ‘The Taste of ink’ by The Used stuck in their head now?)

This time it’s Tesco Direct and NOT Tesco Grocery offering 200 extra Clubcard points with any HP ink cartridge bought before 17th July.

The cheapest cartridge available is the HP 301 Black Original Ink for £8.

If you have a HP printer, this is a great deal and you don’t need to read on.  You won’t find this ink much cheaper anywhere else and 200 extra Clubard points used wisely can turn into £6 of Boost deals. This means you’d technically pay only £2 for your ink.

However as there may be some value in selling them on eBay, it could be worth buying some cartridges even if you don’t have an HP printer.

You are spending £8 to receive (3 x 200 points =) £6 of Clubcard Boost value.  If you collect frequent flyer miles, you would get 480 Avios or 500 Virgin Flying Club miles.

On the face of it, that isn’t too great.   However, if you are prepared to get involved in a bit of eBay reselling, it could look more interesting.

Let’s assume that you sell the £8 cartridges for £4 each on eBay, net of all costs (postage, Paypal, eBay fees etc). Do some research first to see which ones fetch the highest prices and seem to sell quickly.

On that basis, you are paying £4 net per cartridge. Assuming you are using your 200 Clubcard points for a ‘3 x’ Boost deal, you would be making a 50% return on your money – although you are investing your time. If you used your 200 points for 480 Avios points or 500 Virgin Flying Club frequent flyer miles, you would be paying 0.8p per mile which is OK.

The closing date for this offer is 17th July and all cartridges can be found on this page of the Tesco Direct website.

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  1. I think the math works a bit better than that 🙂

  2. Hi and thank you ordered 40 of the black inks…another free 8000 points for me as these will sell like hot cakes on my amazon account. i have now collected the maximum 30,000 allowed this quarterly so no more buying stuff for me until the next round. I have now £1500 worth of clubcard points! Wohoo!!

    • How are you making these free? Best seller on amazon is selling at £7.99,most expensive i can see is £9.27. You have amazon fees to pay and postage on top?

      • Exactly. Some on this site brag and forget to add the other costs involved.

      • Genghis says

        Agreed. Far from ‘free’ points IMO unless you can sell on for a net profit of £8 on Amazon / eBay – unlikely.

  3. Tilly71 says

    Creative accounting I think it’s called!

  4. Tilly71 says

    there is a limit on each account when ordering inks and any orders over that amount they do not send and cancel the orders. It’s definitely not 40.

    • Genghis says

      There’s a hard limit of 10 of each item coded onto the Tesco Direct system but I don’t think there’s anything to stop you placing four of these orders.

  5. Tilly71 says

    I wasnt exactly sure but I thought it was 10 of each.

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