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Should you convert Tesco Clubcard points into Lightwater Valley tickets?

Is it worth converting your Tesco Clubcard points into Lightwater Valley tokens? And how do you do it?  Today I want to look at whether Lightwater Valley tickets are a good use of your Clubcard vouchers.

Not all Clubcard Boost offers are a great deal. This page of Shopper Points helps you decide which is the best Clubcard redemption by listing ALL Clubcard Boost offers based on the multiple of face value you get.

As you can see, offers range from 4 x face value (days out vouchers, restaurant deals) down to 2 x. Even at double the face value, of course, you are getting a better deal than redeeming your vouchers in a Tesco store at face value.

Spending Clubcard vouchers on Lightwater Valley tickets

You can convert your Clubcard vouchers into Lightwater Valley tickets on this page of the Tesco website

You will need £2.50 of Clubcard points for a £10 token which can be used on standard full price admission (£30 for either an adult or a child) or family ticket (children under 2 are free and children under 1m cost £5). Your tokens will be posted to you within 5 days.

The tokens are valid for six months from the day you redeem.

Lightwater Valley tickets Tesco Clubcard vouchers

Is Lightwater Valley a good way to spend your Clubcard points?

On the face of it, yes.

A Lightwater Valley ticket on the door is £30. If you book online in advance (before midnight the day before you want to go) that comes down to £20 but you cannot use your Clubcard tokens online.

(Booking in advance commits you to a particular day whatever the weather. The Clubcard tokens are flexible as long as you use them within six months.)

If you value the flexibility of not having to book in advance, you are getting (£30 / £7.50 of Tesco vouchers) 4 x face value. This is the best you can get.

If you would have been prepared to pay in advance, the deal is less generous.  You are looking at (£20 / £7.50 of Tesco vouchers) just under 3 x face value.  This is still a very good return for your vouchers.

If you want to get standard Lightwater Valley tickets, using your Tesco Clubcard vouchers is a great way of saving up to 75%. On the Lightwater Valley website you can also download vouchers for money off food and you can sign up for a newsletter to receive even more vouchers.

Lightwater Valley is a good way to spend your Clubcard points and the whole family will have a great time.  You might also want to consider redeeming for one of the other high value Clubcard point redemptions on our list.

How do I book my Lightwater Valley tokens via Clubcard?

You can find out more about using Tesco Clubcard points for Lightwater Valley tickets, and redeem your Clubcard vouchers on this page of the Tesco website

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  2. Co-incidentally I was looking at this attraction today before I saw this article – and noticed on their website that advanced (online) tickets can be bought up to midnight day before – so can make a decision on the weather right up to the last minute. Also, there’s an over 60s rate of £5. Those might factor into the overall benefit!

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