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I love Unlimited cinema at Cineworld – but is it worth using my Clubcard vouchers?

There are three things I need in my life and am willing to pay for on a monthly basis: my mobile phone, my gym and my Cineworld Unlimited card.

The first two go without saying, the third one I had to think about a lot before I decided to sign up. Fortunately you only commit to the first year and will then be put on a rolling contract that can be cancelled at any time – I’ve had my card for over 2 years now.

unlimited cinema cineworld clubcard vouchers

How Unlimited works is that you pay a monthly fee of £16.90 and can watch as many films at your local Cineworld as you like. Looking at todays cinema prices you only have to go 3 times in 2 months to save money.

As a member you can also book Unlimited member previews and watch films before everyone else.

On top of that you get 10% off food and drinks in your first year of being a member and 25% off after one year – at which point you are upgraded to Premium Unlimited for free (which also lets you watch 3D films at no extra cost).

You also get 25% off food at Pizza Hut, Frankie and Benny’s and Chiquito.

Now, why do I write about the Cineworld Unlimited card on Shopper Points?

Because you can redeem your Clubcard vouchers for a one year membership!

For £96 in Clubcard vouchers you can become a Cineworld Unlimited member for a year or renew your existing membership.

You need to visit this page of the Tesco website to exchange your Clubcard vouchers. You will then receive an e-mail with instructions how to claim your Unlimited card.

Do I recommend the card? – Yes, unless you don’t have a Cineworld nearby and would have to travel a lot and end up not getting your money’s worth.

Do I recommend using Clubcard vouchers to become a member? – Not really.

First of all you need to consider the fact that this is only the standard membership which excludes the London West End cinemas (Chelsea, Fulham Road and Haymarket). In order to use those three cinemas, you’d have to pay a fee everytime you visit.

Also the face value premium isn’t the best. If you exchange your Clubcard vouchers for an Unlimited Card, you will be getting (£202.80 cash cost / £96 of vouchers) = 2.1 x face value.

This is ok, but to get a better face value for your Clubcard vouchers, you might also want to consider redeeming for one of the other high value Clubcard point redemptions on our list.

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  1. For the latest blockbuster movie for 1 adult its £8.53 at a cineworld I just checked, making it £17.06 for two visits. If you visit the cinema more than once a month then its worth getting the unlimited card, its not a coincidence that the price is only the cost of two tickets, they really want the monthly members as its guaranteed money for them.

    For the Tesco offer at 2.1x face value I would look elsewhere for a better redemption of your points.

    • That’s the price for Mon – Fri before 5pm, with 10% discount for booking online. After 5pm and weekends, is £10.90 for the walk up price, or £9.88 if you book online.

      But yes, they want people to subscribe and cough up on a regular basis. Although, if you see 2 or 3 films a day, as I do sometimes, it’s definitely a bonus. I think my best was 5 films in a week, when a whole raft of things I wanted to see came out at the same time, but on limited release.

      • I rarely go unless I have free cinema vouchers as I can’t justify spending £10 for movie on a blu ray nevermind a one time viewing.

  2. I’ve had an unlimited card for years. It comes somewhere between my broadband payments and mobile in terms of importance (but way below my kickboxing subs!). Even though in the last 18 months, I’ve not seen nearly as many films as I’d have liked due to family illnesses, I’m up to 11 visits so far this year.

    I wouldn’t dream of using clubcard points to pay for it, though. They’re far to valuable as transfers to airline miles.

    The 25% off at Pizza Hut seems to only apply to pizzas, not drinks or desserts, but it’s still better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

    The other thing worth knowing about Cineworld is that they allow you to take in your own drinks and snacks (but not hot food, unless you don’t declare the McDeadthings in your backpack). That means you don’t have to pay for their overpriced buckets of popcorn and fizzy corn syrup, but once you’re upgraded to a premium card (after the first 12 months), you do get 25% off these.

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