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50 extra Clubcard points with Mr Muscle products!

Tesco has launched a promotion with Mr Muscle, offering 50 bonus Clubcard points on a range of products.

To get this deal, you need a coupon.  The coupon appears on page 3 of the July / August edition of Tesco’s FREE ‘Food Family Living’ magazine.

You should hopefully see a pallet of magazines near the entrance to your local large Tesco store.   It has a pink cover with three ice cream cones on it.  The picture below is NOT the current issue but the layout is the same:

Tesco magazine

One coupon is required per product purchased so you may want to get a few magazines, especially as Mr Muscle products have a long shelf life.

Mr Muscle

The coupons are valid on:

Mr Muscle assorted 500ml triggers (the cheapest of these is £1!)

Mr Muscle Drain Foamer

Mr Muscle Drain Gel

Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner

The coupons expire on 30th August.

The magazine also contains Tesco money-off coupons for:

50p off Arla Big Milk (2 litres)

30p off Merrydown Vintage Medium Cider

50p off selected Blossom Hill wines

50p off Uncle Ben’s Rice and Grains pouches

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  1. Tesco have a number of MM items on discount at present.

  2. Are these coupons available online?
    I never saw any magazine innany of my local tescos.

  3. My local store/s still have not taken delivery as yet. I think there is some value in general surface / window cleaners etc at £1.00 each.

  4. So tried and tested, do work on £1.00 trigger sprays. Think we will have enough glass, surface and kitchen cleaner tolast atleast a year.

    • I’m currently clearing the City’s Tescos of them. Been getting a few looks doing individual transactions but at 0.8ppa and getting a “free” cleaner, decent deal to me (51 cc collected + 2.5 avios on Lloyds Amex for £1).

      • Metro at Monument is always the best place to go, they put a massive box of them outside the front door. That’s where mine came from!

  5. Anjelica says

    Thanks for the tip!

    Does anyone know if you are allowed to use many of these coupons? It says one per transaction which suggests it’d be okay, though not encouraged, to collect dozens of magazines and but a MM product with a voucher every time you are in a Tesco. I have bought quite a few so far but have scared myself reading articles about ‘coupon fraud’ – I’m assuming it’s okay as long as it’s not one per person though?

  6. I’ve not yet been able to track down any physical copies of the magazine, but an online version is available here:

    The voucher says “copied or damaged coupons will not be accepted”, but do these coupons work at the self-checkouts? If I print a screenshot of the coupon and take it to a self-checkout, is that likely to work?

    • It should be accepted (in terms of the till scanning it) but whether you are meant to use it is a different question.

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