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500 free Clubcard points when you download PayQwiq and make 5 transactions

PayQwiq is a new Tesco innovation which is currently being trialled in London and Edinburgh.

It is, basically, Apple Pay without any transaction limits.  After all, the £30 Apple Pay contactless limit isn’t a lot of use in a supermarket.

PayQwiq is an app which you can ONLY use for paying for shopping in Tesco.  This obviously makes it very restrictive.  The way it works is relatively simple although I am not fully convinced it is simpler than cash or credit card:

You install the PayQwiq app on your smartphone (Android or Apple)

You link your Clubcard number and one or more credit cards to PayQwiq

When in a participating Tesco store, you pay by scanning a barcode in the PayQwiq app. This automatically credits your Clubcard account with the relevant points and charges your linked credit card for the purchase.

There is no additional cost, or saving, to paying with cash or a credit card.

PayQwiq was originally being trialled in London and Edinburgh.  I’m not sure if it has rolled out any further in the last few months – the PayQwiq website still lists only those two cities.  95% of participating stores are in London.


A generous bonus for giving PayQwiq a try

In my local London Tesco Express there is a sign literally dangling off the till!  It is offering:

100 bonus Clubcard points on my first five shops made using PayQwiq (new customers only)

Transactions must be made before 16th October

Bonus points will be added in arrears, not onto the receipt instore

No bonus points will be given if the app is deleted within 14 days of installation

Here is the snag.  I cannot find any information on this promotion anywhere else!

I read the small print of the sign instore.  You don’t need to register via any specific site.  Simply download the app from the Apple or Google Play stores and sign up.

I can’t show you any proof that the offer is on.  I know this is not hugely helpful!  It is fair to say that if you live in London you have nothing to lose by signing up for PayQwiq now.  If this offer is being promoted in my Express it is probably in other London stores.

Outside London is a bit more risky.  I would have a look at the tills next time you pay to see if there are any dangling PayQwiq signs …..

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  1. Shame only for new customers. My wife and I each got 500 points at the last promo in March just for using it once.

    • I got the same. 5 transactions by mid October isn’t hard though.

      • So can we more bonus points even if we got the original 500 back in the springtime? I’ve only used it once or twice in total, so perhaps I’m still a new customer…

      • It is when you’re over 100 miles from London and 400 miles from Edinburgh!

  2. Pedant but:
    “the £30 Apple Pay limit isn’t a lot of use in a supermarket.”
    Actually true/real Apple Pay doesn’t have a transaction value limit. You can authenticate up to any transaction value.
    It is only if the payment terminal is a ‘basic’ contactless payments terminal (and an older one) that the £30 limit applies – but that is when it is falling back to standard contactless, it is not Apple Pay.

  3. Note that there is an Android app as well 🙂

  4. Ludicrous says

    I got the original 500 point bonus for new customers when it first came out but I also got a bonus 200 points in the last quarter. I’ve no idea why but it seems to make sense to continue to use it.

    I tend to use it when popping into tesco when out running,to save carrying a card with me if I want to get a drink en route

  5. Is it 500 or 100 CC points after 5 purchases? The article mentions both bonuses, for me this is the bothering/not bothering with differentiator! 🙂

  6. You can see which are the participating stores here:

  7. I saw this option at a self service till in Purley on Friday night. As I was late to pick up the Mrs from Gatwick I didn’t try it out.

    I’ve added my Amex card to the App, so if I go into London between now and October (very likely) I will try and hit 5 Tescos in one day… Easy peasy

  8. Can’t you just buy five items in one visit and pay individually for each item. Or is there a minimum spend? Do they have to be separate stores/days?

  9. Tesco PayQwiq is a good idea that rarely works in practice. I’ve been trying it for a few months and the Tesco staff cannot get the till scanner to read it in over half of cases.

    My local Tesco Express said that only about 8 customers had been regularly using it.

  10. BlueThroughCrimp says

    Fairly sure that Perth – Edinburgh Road branch has this payment option active on it’s self service tills.

  11. OT – The Harry Potter book is now on sale at a lower price than the “pre-order”… please can somebody remind me what/how you claim this back?


  12. @alastairtravel says

    Was part of the original trial in London and got 500 bonus for one use and I think 200 (maybe more) for doing a survey after I’d used it a few times.

    Pretty good for self service tills especially – just one scan from your phone to cover payment and clubcard accrual. Would seem to hold less benefit when going to a counter.

  13. I uploaded the app to my phone this afternoon as i am going to be in london soon and thought i would give it a go. Shortly afterwards i was in my local northern ireland store and noticed the logo on the tills. The lady at the till didnt know anything about it and they called the supervisor over who thought it had just gone live. So i was the first person to use it in the store as far as they knew. Worked perfectly. There was no mention of 100 points so fingers crossed

  14. Nick Haley says

    “You link your Clubcard number and one or more credit cards to PayQwiq”

    So we don’t present the clubcard at the till, or suppose you do as well for the e.g. 5 pts on £5 transaction or the like.

    Presumably the thriftiest way to do this, if Blue Supermarket isn’t your usual haunt is to do 5 x £1 transactions with the service and wait for the points to show up?

    No minimum spend is there.

    • One beep of the PayQwik app = beeping your club card and paying for the transaction.

    • I don’t think there is a min spend. Just checked and I spent 78p last time to get 500 points.

    • No, seems not. But you’ve got until 16th October so if you use Tesco anyway it is less bother just to use it for normal transactions.

  15. It works fine as a simple payment in all the London stores I use.
    Only snag is when you give them a voucher like the 50 points for Muscle products. They then have to do it manually after much hassle.

  16. Gin and Tonic Please says

    I received an email from Tesco today promoting the PayQwiq offer. Will forward it on to you, Rob.

  17. When are the points supposed to be added to account? I’ve used the app twice and no bonus appeared. Probably have to wait at least 14 days.

    • i used it five times on Monday … got my Mr Muscle bonus points … but no PayQwiq bonus points.

  18. Have just seen this on the self service check out in Huddersfield.

  19. Going to attempt to buy 5x packs of chewing gum in a tesco express in South Ken shortly.

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