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Three days only: 50 Clubcard points for £1 with Mr Muscle sprays!

Back in mid July, I wrote about a new Tesco promotion with Mr Muscle, offering 50 bonus Clubcard points on a range of products.

To get this deal, you need a coupon.  The coupon appears on page 3 of the July / August edition of Tesco’s FREE ‘Food Family Living’ magazine.

You should hopefully see a pallet of magazines near the entrance to your local large Tesco store.   It has a pink cover with three ice cream cones on it.  The picture below is NOT the current issue but the layout is the same:

Tesco magazine

One coupon is required per product purchased so you may want to get a few magazines, especially as Mr Muscle products have a long shelf life.

Mr Muscle Kitchen

The coupons are valid on:

Mr Muscle assorted 500ml triggers 

Mr Muscle Drain Foamer

Mr Muscle Drain Gel

Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner

Here is the deal

The coupons expire on 30th August.  However, until Tuesday 9th August, certain Mr Muscle trigger sprays are on special offer for just £1.

The list shows you what is available for £1.

The coupons work perfectly well on these sprays.  This means that, until Tuesday, you will be getting 50 Clubcard points for every £1 you spend (as long as you can find enough magazines to get the coupons).

Even if you don’t need the spray, this is a decent deal.  If converted to frequent flyer miles, you would be paying 0.8p per Avios point or Virgin Flying Club mile.  Used for a Clubcard Boost deal, you would be in profit if you redeemed the points for over 2 x face value.

If you do keep the spray and use it, you’re getting an even better deal!  It depends how big your garage is and how many coupons you can find …..

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  1. We won’t be buying shower, toilet or kitchen cleaner for a while

  2. C Y S Yuen says

    I can’t help but s thinking of a TV show I watched ages ago, where they call out the whole family to collect coupons and get the big shopping done and pay almost nothing…

  3. I thought Tesco would have learned after doing something similar before which meant all the stores near me never had this particular magazine in stock as people were grabbing them just to rip out a single coupon. Such a waste of resources and bad for those who actually want the magazine (is there anything worth reading in there? No idea, never looked in one).

    It’d be much better if Tesco allowed the voucher to be self printable or included in the vouchers section of the Clubcard app.

    • Agreed re waste. The magazines actually have some decent recipes to inspire us in our (Tesco) shop – just what they want I guess

  4. If you use the self-checkout, you actually only need one coupon. While I was cutting out the 4th coupon, I noticed that the barcode is exactly the same! Therefore, you can just scan the same coupon for each transaction.

  5. Also you have to put the coupon in the slot for it to register for each item to give you the points.

    • Or a blank bit of paper

      • or nothing at all just dip a bit of paper or a credit card in and pull back out. the staff at my teso showed me that trick for when it isnt working properly.

  6. When I’ve used similar vouchers at the checkout, I’ve seen them just put my voucher in the bin. I don’t think they need the physical voucher once the barcode is scanned. The reason that bloke got caught is because they detected an abnormally high amount of clubcard points being credited to his account (75,000 points). There’s no way anyone is going to come close to that amount even if they exhausted this deal to the max at their nearest store or two.

    By the way, I purchased 22 bottles today, how did everyone else do?

  7. There are another 5 other coupons on the same page. Put one of them in, instead

  8. OT: If I want to buy some amazon gift cards in Sainsburys, could I pay for them with nectar points?

  9. Not that Frequent Flyer says

    Tescos in the Hoover builder off the A40 were as unhelpful as they could be.

    Yesterday I got 10 bottles, and some groceries and the lady scanned them no problem.

    Today i thought i’d top up with 24 more bottles and i went through the pile of free magazines, getting the vouchers, but then the cashier said they can only do 1 per transaction, and wouldn’t help. So I self scanned.

    The bit where you put the voucher in seems to be weight triggered so any bit of paper will trigger it. You could use 1 coupon and 20 other bits of similar sized paper…. i often had to poke the waste slot with my credit card to make it work.

    They scrutinised the offer like I was trying to pull a con, they said they couldn’t help, they wouldn’t reset the self scan when i put two bottles and two vouchers through…. the underlings were running and telling mommy manager i’d tore them out of the magazines…. it was all quite silly really, i guess not much else happens in Perivale on a Tuesday evening.

    Its quite funny watching borderline literate people trying to work out small print. Ahh bless.
    But they let me do single transaction self scans, so 34 bottles = 4250 Virgin Airmiles, which if i bought from Virgin would be around £75+.

    So thats before I stick a crate of 24 on Ebay and get back say £20, so my costs about £14 for £75 worth of airmiles.

    Cheers shopper points…. I’d have bought more, but I ran out of time….

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