200 extra Clubcard points with telephones and up to 140 Clubcard points with SanDisk

There are more exciting things than landlines. Smartphones for example. But I personally believe that every house should still have a landline. Just because.

Tesco is of the same opinion and is giving out 200 extra Clubcard points with selected landlines.

Included in this offer are the BT 3950 single, twin and trio packs.

bt landline telepones extra clubcard points tesco

The BT 3950 single costs £30.

The BT 3950 twin costs £45.

The BT 3950 trio costs £60.

200 extra Clubcard points will be added until 28th August.

All three telephones are also included in the current eCoupon offer on electricals and gaming.

Here are the codes you need:

  • TDX-KTRP – Save £10 when you spend £75 and above
  • TDX-GNKF – Save £20 when you spend £150 and above


There is another offer I’d like to mention today. It’s not a great one, but if you need a new USB, you should have a look.

Until 11th September Tesco Groceries (!) is giving you up to 90 extra Clubcard points with selected SanDisk USB drives.

Sandisk 64Gb Ultra Dual Drive

You need to buy these instore or have them delivered as part of a Tesco Groceries order.

Some – but not all – of these deals are also available via Tesco Direct.

For example, the SanDisk Ultra SDXC Memory Card 64GB card is £24 and comes with 140 bonus Clubcard points.  (The site says 50 but when you click ‘add to basket’ you will see 140 goes on due to a Tesco website glitch.)  If you buy one as part of a £75 electricals spend you can also use the £10 eCoupon above.

None of these deals are hugely generous but if you need a USB card anyway …..

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  1. … because you’re most likely still paying for line rental

  2. I havent used a landline for years. We only have it because we need it for the broadband.

  3. Regarding Sandisk – Sadly the prices in Tesco are way above the going rate, so even with bonus points are not worth it. For example the 64 Gb dual device pictured above is going for 24 quid, but a google search shows the cheapest price online at 13.85 (no idea about delivery cost). Or 16.98 from Amazon marketplace with free delivery.

  4. It should be said, if you are maintaining a landline for emergency situations, I’d make sure you have a phone handset that does not rely upon a mains power supply being available.
    (Otherwise a heck of a lot of emergency situations are ruled out).

    In most cases that means excluding cordless phones – unless their base station also has a battery backup (which is very rare). Of course you could keep a line powered telephone plugged in alongside a cordless model, but for cordless – why not just use your mobile.
    Indeed, land line phones are on the way out generally, if you are going to cater for an emergency, do it properly with a basic line powered handset. I can’t see myself buying another cordless phone.

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