No more 150 Clubcard points when spending £50 on gift cards ….. the Tesco news keeps getting worse

I’m starting to wonder if we will get any good news regarding Tesco and the Clubcard scheme anytime soon.  It has certainly been a bad couple of months.

First Clubcard Boost was scrapped, then TopCashback withdrew the option of converting your cashback into Clubcard points and now we’ve learned that you won’t be earning any Clubcard points with gift cards any longer.

Gift cards

The only way to earn Clubcard points with gift cards has been Tesco’s offer of 150 Clubcard points when spending £50+.  This is a very generous deal which allows you to pay for a lot of your non-Tesco spending using gift cards bought in Tesco!  Because you aren’t spending any more money than you would otherwise, these are genuinely free Clubcard points.

(Why did Tesco do this?  It may have been a way of propping up their sales during a difficult few years for the company.  Gift cards are not very profitable but it allowed Tesco to add £50 to their reported sales figures every time you bought some.)

This offer was rarely promoted and has run for around three years with no expiry date – until now.

You can see that Tesco added the expiry date to the gift card promotion on this page of the Tesco website.

After 25th September you won’t earn 150 Clubcard points with gift card purchases over £50 any longer.  This is especially annoying as you don’t get any standard Clubcard points with gift cards.

Unless Tesco introduces extra Clubcard points with gift cards offers, we might have to start going to Morrissons when we want to buy gift cards. (I wrote about how to earn rewards at Morissons here).

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  1. Terrible news 🙁

  2. Well tescos are giving me fewer and fewer reasons to shop there, that reminds me i must send them their credit card back too as thats as good as useless now

  3. Have been earning around 30,000 Avios a quarter via this route – buying vouchers for everyday spending in M&S, Next, Frasers etc Effectively for me these were earning Avios at zero cost. I guess it was too good to last 🙁

  4. What a bummer. Used the Next cards for paying off the wife’s a/c.. Even better with the helping hand vouchers

  5. Thank you Shopperpoints for switching me on to this cc deal, if only in its closing phase.

    Starbucks gift cards do not have an expiry date – unlike most other branded cards on Tesco Direct – so may be one to stock up with, before the points offer comes to a close.

    • Starbucks cards seem to have disappeared from my local Tesco. Plenty of Costa, but not an SB card to be seen for several weeks.

  6. Do we get 150 point for each 50 £ Gifts card bought ?

    • Not for every £50 gift card but for every multiple of £50 on gift cards. E.g. 5 x £20 = £100 -> 2 x 150 = 300 club card points. Alas not for much longer.

      • I think there was a rule that the cards had to divide into batches of £50+. So 5x£20 doesn’t work as it can only divide into one of £60 (3x£20) and one of £40 – so you’d only get 150 cc points. Whereas 4x£25 could divide into two lots of £50 (two of 2x£25), so would get you the 300 points. Chances are I’m wrong and have been overly cautious all these years!

  7. mmm… we will see.
    This has been rumoured a number of times previously, I think the last time was due to printed instore material inferring an end date.
    Unless I’m looking at the wrong page, it is hardly an announcement is it? It may well be just the end of a promotional feature date, and business as usual thereafter

    • The time before was a false alarm, someone on PTS had read the POS take down date and assumed it was the date the offer expired. i.e. the date shown on the sign was the date the sign was to be taken down – not the same as the date the offer expired.

    • Agree.

  8. Am I right in thinking that before the 150 bonus points days, you only got 1 point for ever £5 spend on gift cards? Does anyone know if that’s what Tesco are proposing to go back to or will gift cards cease carrying Clubcard points full stop?

  9. Morrisons made big changes recently with their new More card (replacing Miles and More). No money off petrol with the purchase of gift cards anymore, just points on to your More cand. However it is 25 points per £1 on gift cards, whereas normal shopping there is 5 points per £1. You need 5000 points to get a time limited £5 off your shopping at Morrisons voucher.

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