Amazon and John Lewis / Waitrose gift cards in Tesco – and earning 75 points per £25 bought!

Two exciting new gift card options have started appearing in many Tesco branches.  Take a look at this photograph I took over the weekend:

Yes, Amazon AND John Lewis / Waitrose gift cards can now be bought in most large Tesco stores.

What you cannot do, at least at the moment, is buy them from the Tesco gift card site online.

The reason this is big news is that – until at least 16th October – Tesco is giving 75 Clubcard points for every £25 you spend on third party gift cards.  We wrote about the new Tesco gift card offer here.

I was able to choose between £25 and £50 John Lewis / Waitrose cards and £25, £50, £100 and 3 x £10 Amazon gift cards.

Whilst the John Lewis cards do not say Waitrose on the front, they confirm on the back that you can use them there.

The Amazon gift cards are VERY flexible.  You can create a credit balance on your Amazon account by visiting this page of the Amazon website and inputting the gift card number.  Any future purchases you make are deducted from your credit balance instead of your stored credit card.

If you spend a lot at John Lewis, Waitrose or Amazon it is worth trying to pick up as many of these cards as possible before 16th October just in case the ’75 Clubcard points per £25 spend’ offer is finally ended.

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  1. amazon is exactly what I wanted. Brilliant!

  2. If someone knows the best location(s) in Central London with a good range of gift cards, would greatly appreciate any tips!

    • I popped to Bishopsgate today which usually has a decent selection but no JL or Amazon

    • Bit late, but I’d be interested in this.

      New Malden stocks Amazon but not JL. Nearest store with JL to me is Surrey Quays apparently.

  3. This is amazing news, I have just come back from Waitrose. Had I known I would have taken a detour to tescos. Earning Avios at an enhanced rate for shopping at Waitrose is the stuff of dreams!

  4. Sian Higginson says

    Was just about to spend £200 on Amazon when I saw this, so dashed off to my local Tesco to buy Gift cards. Gift cards successfully found, and applied to account. However, I used my Tesco CC and was expecting to see 200 points for in-store spend on top of the bonus points, but this did not happen. Looking at T’s and C’s it says specifically that Clubcard points cannot be earned on Tesco Gift Cards, but nothing about 3rd party cards. Has anyone else checked this with Tesco? Had I known, I would have used my BAEC Amex to pay instead.

    • You will earn clubcard points for your total spend using your Tesco cc, the points do not show up on your receipt but get added to your account later on after the money has been processed.

  5. Sian, I have never received Clubcard points on just the spending. It’s only ever been the bonus points you receive (So 150 points on £50 spend until recently and 75 points on every £25 at the moment).

    • Sian Higginson says

      Thanks Andrew. Did a bit more digging and found the info which says only bonus points on third party gift card. You live and learn.

  6. TGLoyalty says

    FYI one week to get hold of these until we know what will happen long term

    Got some JL GC’s at Coventry Cross Point Tesco if anyone local is looking

  7. Can the John Lewis gift cards be combined with cashback via Gate 365 or will using a gift card result in the denial of any cashback?

    • Don’t know … but as you don’t earn cashback on purchases on JL gift cards via Gate 365 it would be churlish to stop you earning points when paying with a gift card in my view.

      • In general never had any issue earning cashback or Gate365/Shops Away when paying with a gift card.

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