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Buy travel money with a Tesco credit card and get up to 56 days free credit

The Tesco Clubcard credit card became a lot less interesting last year when Tesco Bank cut the earning rate to 1 Clubcard point for every £8 you spend.

The card is still worth getting because it currently offers 1,000 Clubcard points as a sign-up bonus when you apply via this special link.

Even if you don’t use it for all of your day to day spending, however, there is one way to get a good deal from the Tesco Clubcard credit card.

Tesco Clubcard credit card

When you buy travel money in a Tesco store using your Tesco Clubcard credit card, it is treated as a purchase.

This means a number of things happen:

you don’t pay a cash advance fee

you get up to 56 days interest free credit on the money, depending on when your card statement is due

Here is the exact wording from the Tesco Money terms and conditions which you can check out here:

Tesco Credit Cards
If you pay with your Tesco Credit Card, there’s no cash advance fee (excluding Tesco Business Credit Card) or card handling fees. Buying foreign currency with a Tesco Clubcard Credit Card from Tesco Travel Money will count towards a customer’s cash limit but will be treated as a purchase transaction and will still be charged interest at the purchase interest rate.

You will NOT earn any Clubcard points, however, even though it is treated as a purchase.

The only restriction is that the amount of foreign currency you can buy is limited to the ‘cash advance’ limit on your card, which is usually printed on your statement.

So …. even if have ditched your Tesco credit card for a better deal elsewhere, it may still be worth getting out of the drawer next time you need some foreign currency.  You can order online to collect in-store via their website here.

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  1. Unless this has recently changed you do not earn club card points on the transaction. True, travel Monday is treated as a purchase and not charged a cash advanced fee but my purchase of £600 worth of Euro’s in June this year earned me 0 points but I did get to go on holiday and spend the cash before I had to pay Tesco 🙂

    • Now I haven’t got this card so probably not best placed to comment but if the transaction goes through as a purchase, you would earn Tesco clubcard points on the Tesco credit card for the spend amount. You would not, however, earn Tesco clubcard points by scanning your clubcard at point of purchase. Correct me if I’m wrong…

      • It was an online purchase so no where to enter my clubcard number but it was definately paid for on the tesco credit card and definitely no points. I’m almost certain i was told a similar thing in store when i tried to a similar purchase last year.

  2. If the aboveis correct then perhaps using Curve is better for currency purchase?

    One area the tesco credit card still wins, I believe, is using as a clubcard at petrol stations?

    • Not sure but would Curve charge it similar to a cash withdrawal and do Tesco charge any fees for credit cards other than Tesco branded ones?

  3. I purchased my travel money last week on my Tesco cc no club card points have ever been posted on any travel money purchase. They do not charge the transaction fee.

  4. I’ve got a feeling this changed a while back?!? Treated as a purchase so 0% but no clubcard points. Unless this changed again. I bought currency in June and didn’t get points.

  5. I have made three travel money purchases from Tesco with my Tesco credit card, and have received zero points.

  6. Have been doing this for years to get the zero transaction charge and never got points .

    If you ask Tesco on the phone they will confirm on points !

  7. If you buy a Post Office currency card from a branch you can use an AMEX card.

  8. Likewise, never recieved points when buying currency from Tesco using Tesco Clubcard credit card

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