Bye Bye (for good?) – No more Clubcard points with gift cards

In September we had bad news for everyone who liked to buy gift cards at Tesco and bag a substantial number of extra Clubcard points.

After three years Tesco had quietly added an expiry date to their gift card promotion on this page of the Tesco website. (The mention of gift cards has now disappeared completely.)

Gift cards

This meant after Sunday 25th September you wouldn’t be earning 150 Clubcard points with gift card purchases of £50 any longer – especially annoying as you don’t get ANY standard Clubcard points with gift cards.

A few days later Tesco decided to come up with a new offer: get 75 clubcard points when spending £25 on gift cards

However this offer expired on 16th October.  Some people thought that it would be rolled over again, but I can tell you that it has definitely not been renewed.

I know for sure, as I bought £50-worth of cards as a test on Monday.  Nil, nada, nothing – not even any base Clubcard points.

We can only hope that the run up to Christmas brings something more interesting …..

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  1. Definitely think there will be atleast one more bonus promo before xmas.

  2. William Squires says

    There’ll be a 200 points promotion in the tesco magazine at Christmas I reckon – this offer ending is probably so that they aren’t giving £20-30 worth of Avios on a spend of £100. The commission Tesco gets varies but I doubt any of them are 20%!

    I imagine the standard points offer will return in the new year. Remember to grab the magazines when you see them!!!

    • Yes – the Christmas vouchers were/are very lucrative. I think it was 100 cc points per £20 gift card last year. Fingers crossed they come back.

    • How are you reckoning on £20 to £30 of Avios points? If you value 1000 Avios points at £10, then £100 of gift cards would give you 150 Tesco points, which could be converted into 360 Avios points worth £3.60…

  3. Do you get Nectar points for purchasing giftcards in Sainsburys? Obviously not as generous but would be better than nothing. My prediction: This deal with resurface close to Tesco’s quarter-end if they need to give their results a boost.

  4. It is not clear why Raffles got no club card points for buying gift cards on Monday when the first sentence suggests they are available until 25h Sept??

  5. I can see a time in the not too distant future that we won’t get points at all.

    • The_Real_A says

      I can see a time in the future that Tesco management start scratching their heads as they find gift card sales at near zero…

  6. I see this statement about clubcard points is on the Tesco website:
    ‘∆ 150 Clubcard points awarded when you spend £50 in a single transaction on selected gift cards in store, excluding Tesco Gift Cards and Visa branded cards. Points will appear on your next available Clubcard Statement. ‘
    So perhaps they are not gone after all…

    • This is what I found in the FAQs:

      Do I get Clubcard points when I buy a branded Gift Card?

      From time to time, Clubcard points may be offered on gift card purchases, excluding Tesco Gift Cards, xbox gift cards, F+F gift cards and Blinkbox gift cards. Points will appear on a future Clubcard Statement. The Clubcard Scheme is administered by Tesco Stores who are responsible for fulfilling points. See the Special Offers page for our latest deals.

  7. Are there any good Gift Card points schemes left? Morrisons have done away with their Fuel scheme and replaced it with their shoddy Morrisons more points,now Tesco. . .

  8. Dammit – got caught out today not realising this promotion has ended. Bought £100 worth of gift cards at Tesco to be used during half term and saw “nil point” on my receipt. They will get spent but will now lose out of clubcard points by not using my credit card in the venues!

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