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Save money with Amazon’s new Certified Refurbished store

Apologies: No extra Clubcard points today and also no bonus Nectar points!

What I do have is a new shop on Amazon: Certified Refurbished.  Given how much we all use Amazon I thought it was worth a look.

What is Certified Refurbished?

Certified Refurbished is basically ‘second hand with peace of mind’.

We all know the two product categories on Amazon: new and used. ‘New’ we know has to be a new product. ‘Used’ can be anything from completely damaged to being perfectly fine.

Now Amazon has got a new store where we can be sure to buy a used product that is as good as new ranging from iPhones to TVs to blenders.


Certified Refurbished means you can buy a product that is as good as new that has been tested and will have a one year warranty. The product has to be sold by Amazon retail or a qualifying seller and has to meet Amazon’s standards for like-new quality.

The selection of products is great.

You could for example get an iPhone 6 for just £380,


or a PlayStation 4 500GB for £199.


If you want to save money on a product and make sure to buy a good quality second hand product, you should check out the new Certified Refurbished shop on Amazon.

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  1. I recently bought a secondhand phone; it arrived in the correct box but the contents had the previous model. Luckily one of the first things I did was take out the battery and look at the label and knew i was looking at the wrong storage figure. The amazon return process was great – within 24 hours I had received a free returns label and the email to confirm refund, and I was able to leave the parcel with my local newsagent.

  2. Ahh, but you can still buy Amazon gift cards in store and just put them on your account for future spending. Paying with my Nectar Amex, I am getting at least 3 points for every pound.

    Also noticed that Sainsburys at the weekend had 10% off gift cards, so but extra saved aswell!

    • On Amazon cards too? Do you know when that was expiring?

    • I see no advantages whatsoever in now buying gift cards on which to store value and earning a low amount of points (i.e. In your example of 3 Nectar points / £ @0.5p ea = 1.5% return).

      I can, however, see advantages in bringing forward spend to hit a sign up bonus. E.g. If I refer my wife for Amex Platinum for 18k+35k+2k=55k MR points on £2k spend @1p ea = 27.5% return. But I’d buy Tesco gift cards, which can then be used on all manner of Tesco products or used to buy other gift cards (including Amazon), maybe even with extra clubcard points should the offer come back.

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