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Rob’s favourite Tesco Clubcard redemption to be removed!

In March Rob wrote about Safestore being his favourite Tesco redemption and we’ve heard from lots of people who agree with him.

You can pay your whole Safestore bill with Tesco Clubcard vouchers and thereby receive 300% of their face value. This is a great way to get money off that storage bill.

(The page to exchange your Clubcard points for Safestore tokens is here.)

However, as if Tesco hasn’t thrown enough bad Clubcard news at us already recently, this redemption is coming to an end.


Tesco has added a few lines to the redemption page stating that the last day to order tokens is 25th April 2017 and tokens must be redeemed by 25th October.

(The website says 25th October 2018 but as vouchers only have a 6 month validity they mean 2017.)

Whilst most people pay monthly or quarterly, Safestore is happy to bill you for a year in advance.  This is the best way to pre-pay via Clubcard for as long as possible.

If you don’t have enough vouchers to pay for a year upfront …. well either buy a bigger house, find cheaper storage or send Tesco a grumpy letter!

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  1. Will Squires says

    They’ve given almost 5 months notice, which is more than fair I’d say!

    Contrast that to my regular redemption at The Hotel Collection which disappeared overnight (while I was making enquiries about availability via email)…!

    • I agree, I am impressed with the notice given. The annoying this is that my annual renewal is November, so I may need to get down there before April and see what sort of deal I can do to push forward my next bill.

      • The_Real_A says

        Or just throw some stuff away! (I took the plunge recently)

        • They just add the vouchers to my account and shows as an credit balance on my account. On my monthly bill the balance is nil to pay and they take the money from the credit balance.

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